A Rabbi Cubmaster and a Wolf leader who was a soap maker at Lever Bros. were walking
along and the soap maker questioned the Rabbi by asking, "What good is religion? There's been
religion for a long time, but people are still bad to each other."
The Rabbi was silent until they saw a Webelos Cub Scout, who was dirty from changing a
tire for his Handyman Activity Badge with his den. The Rabbi asked the soap maker, "What
good is soap? We've had soap for many, many years and yet people are still dirty."
The soap maker protested the comparison and insisted that the soap had to be used in order
to keep people clean. "Exactly my point." said the Rabbi. "Religion," he said, "has to be applied
in order to do anybody any good."


1. Why did Benjamin Franklin discover electricity? (He couldn’t
use his electric blanket without it.)
2. How surprised was Benjamin Franklin when lightning hit the
key on his kite. (He found it shocking.)
3. Why does lightning strike people? (It doesn’t know how to conduct itself.)
4. Why was the little inventor wearing only one boot? (The snow was only one foot deep.)
5. What do you call a 200-pound inventor with a club? (Sir!)
6. Did you hear about the mad scientist who crossed a carrier pigeon with a woodpecker?
(When the pigeon delivers the message he can knock on the door.)
7. He also crossed a turkey with a centipede. (On Thanksgiving everybody gets a


Narrator: The wonders of our modern world, never would have been unfurled,
If people before us hadn’t tried, to answer questions that mystified.
Their greatness we do not dispute, but how they did it, we refute.
Some legends we have learned, so great,
we want to set the record straight.
ISAAC NEWTON sitting in a tree, contemplating gravity,
Fell on the apple—it not on he—changed to protect his vanity.
BEN FRANKLIN found electricity. Was picked up one night for insanity,
It was all he could do to explain, that he liked to fly kites out in the rain.
ALEXANDER GRAHAM BELL, invented the phone as history books tell,
But the reason he did—the books are hazy, his wife loved to talk, nearly drove him crazy.
THOMAS EDISON, we’ll admit, gets a lot of credit and deserves all of it,
But it’s little known that he invented light, cause he was deathly afraid of the long dark night.
The WRIGHT BROTHERS got the first airplane to go,
it wasn’t their hang-up if you really want to know,
it hurt their pride when they heard people talk, “Nothing ever happens at Kitty Hawk.”
So with inventions, you can see, that although the mother is a necessity,
It all would have been just too much bother If ‘accident’ hadn’t been the father.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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