Materials Needed: 1 Tie Snake per boy
To make a Tie Snake: make an opening in the seam of an old necktie 6 inches or so from
the large end and pour one-half cup of dry split peas down into the tip. To keep the peas from
shifting around, seal off the ends of the tie with a line of glue. Insert your glue gun into the
opening you made, or sew across the width of the tie. Glue or sew the seam back together, as
well as any other openings that would allow the peas to escape. It would be good to have this
much done for the boys and let them decorate the rest if you plan to let them keep the snakes.
Use fabric glue, googly eyes felt, and other materials to create a snake face.


Have one Cub roll up the Snake in his hands and toss it underhand to another Cub about
20 feet away. Toss it in a large arc so the tail can unwind and flow through the air. After he
catches the Snake, he takes one step back. See how far apart the two boys can get without
missing the Snake.


Place a hula hoop or a box about 100 feet away. See how many tosses it takes to get the
Snake into the hoop. Try adding a few obstacles to go around or through. With a few boxes or
hoops, you can set up an entire golf course.


Materials Needed: none
How to Play:
Wacky tag is played much like a game of regular tag.
However, in Wacky Tag the person that is “It” calls out a mode of movement. This may be
something such as hopping, skipping, jogging backward, etc. Everyone must then hop or skip
or jog backward including the person that is “It” until he is able to tag someone else. Then that
person can change the mode of movement.


Materials Needed: 1 broom per team
How to Play:
The running distance is marked off and the teams line up at one end. The first two players
in line in each team are given a broom. At "go" they must run carrying the broom horizontally to
the other end of the field and back. The broom is given to the second two players and the first
two players go to the rear of the line. At this time the second two players take the broom and run
carrying the broom horizontally to the other end of the field and back. This continues until all
players have had a turn. If your group is small, you may want to consider having the players run
a second time.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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