Person kneeling with a sign on that says ‘mailbox.’ Place elbows
against chest with forearms pointing up, fists clenched.
#1 enters and pulls down on fists and looks in, shakes head and
closes mailbox, goes away. This happens a few more times.
#2 Hey Roland, what are you doing?
#1 I’m checking my mail.
#2 Why are you doing it so often?
#1 Well, every time I turn on my computer it says, You’ve got mail.



1. What is black and white and read all over? (A Newspaper.)
2. What begins with P and ends with E and has a thousand letters? (The Post Office.)
3. What never asks a question yet often has to be answered? (The Telephone.)
4. What do you get when you cross a computer with an elephant? (A five ton know it all.)
5. What goes snap, crackle, pop? (A monitor with a short circuit.)



Narrator— We have been asked to help you build a computer. Follow
these instructions carefully and you should have an easy time of it.
#1—First you have to have a case to mount your equipment. [Show
a briefcase.]
#2—Next you need a motherboard to hold all that memory that
makes the computer work. [Show a bored looking mother.]
#3—Now you need a hard drive to interface and store the information to
be put into the computer. [Show golf driver.]
#4—You will need a screen to see what you are doing. [Window screen.]
#5—You will need a mouse to make the cursor function and move around. [Show a toy
mouse, or mouse trap.]
#6—You will need a keyboard to tell the computer what you want it to do. [Show a key and
a board.]
#7—You need mega bytes to play your games at the fastest speeds. [Take a huge bite out of
an apple, or something and chew happily.]
Narrator-- I think someone is a little confused,
about as confused as when you try to
learn how to work the thing.


Give everyone a piece of newspaper. Have
them predict how many times they can fold
it in half. Have them do it. [7 times is it.]
Give everyone a large piece of paper.
Have them predict how many times they
can tear it in half when you tear--put the 2
pieces together and tear again, then put the
4 pieces together and tear again, etc.
[With strong hands the max is 8]



The den leader announces that he has noticed
an echo in the room and he is going to try it
out (also could be on a hike overlooking a
canyon). The following is a dialogue
between the leader and the echo – [a person
out of the room or out of sight].
Leader: Hello              Echo: Hello
Leader: Cheese          Echo: Cheese
Leader: Bologna         Echo: (silence)
Leader: (to group) It
must not be working now.
I'll try again (to echo),
this leader is great.          Echo: Bologna!

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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