Equipment: balloons
Scouts will need to work together to keep the balloon off the floor.
Blow up one balloon per group and tie off the neck. Scouts gather into groups
of 4-6. They join hands to form a circle and try to keep the balloon aloft (off
the floor) by batting the balloon with different body parts including their
hands, which must remain clasped. If the balloon touches the ground, the
group can no longer use one of their hands. As this continues, balloons will
inevitably fall to the floor. Keep removing body parts that are allowed to strike
the balloon, such as elbows, shoulders, head, thigh. The group that loses their
feet may recycle to any point of the game that they choose. Another variation
is to remove all body parts and only use air pressure (blow). Have a scout call
out Bloop commands; for example: heads only (clockwise), sit down and use
feet only, etc.


Two teams. Give each starting player a fork and a potato. He tosses the
potato into the air and catches it on the fork, takes it off, and hands it to the
next player. First team through wins.


You will need:
• Drinking Straws
• Several Bowls (one for each team)
• M&M~ candies, or some other type of candy with a similar shape
• A stop watch or watch with a second hand.
Object of the game is to collect as many pieces of candy as possible in a 15 second time limit.
Divide the boys into groups, at least 4 to a group. Give each group a bowl full of candy. Each
player also needs a straw. When the timer says “GO,” one boy is to place the straw in his mouth
and suck through the straw, picking up the candy and dumping it on the table in front of him.
When “Time” is yelled, pass the bowl to the next player. Begin again. The scoring can be done
individually or as a group. If scoring individually, allow a specific number of opportunities per
boy. If scoring by group, begin the game, and when time is yelled, the boy must quickly pass
bowl to the next player, who continues. Discontinue the game after 1 or 2 minutes, depending on
the number of individuals in the groups. After the game, allow the boys to eat the candy.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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