You will need:
Colored wool (yarn) to match up with the den’s colors
Talcum powder
Plastic plant identification labels
TIME to lay the trail
Tell a story to the pack about the elephants who have escaped from the local circus, and the
circus has asked for the cub’s help in getting the elephants back. The circus tells us that each
elephant is wearing a colored mat on its back, and each mat matches one of the den’s colors.
Each den must look for the elephant wearing the den’s color on its back. The cubs then follow a
trail of wool, picking up their colors as they go. They must not pick up any other colors. You
could tell them how many pieces they should find. The trail divides and finally, the colored wool
disappears. All that can be seen are large (talcum powder) elephant footprints on the ground.
These all lead to one place where the elephants can clearly be seen, wearing ragged mats on their
backs, (parents or leaders). But the elephants have been caught by a gang of thieves who will sell
them back to the Cubs for $200--no more, no less. The cubs are then told that they can gather
this money from around a certain bush. (This money is the plastic plant tab, stuck into the ground
around the bush. Each label is marked with an amount of money.) Each den must only take
labels to equal exactly $200 to pay the thieves for their elephant. Then they take their elephant
back to the circus where there is sure to be a reward.


Equipment: two hula hoops, one slightly smaller than the other.
Scouts must move the hoops around the circle in opposite directions.
Have the boys form a hand-in-hand circle. Place two large hoops together
between two boys (resting on their grasped hands). See how quickly they can
cause the hoops to travel around the circle (over the people) in opposite
directions, through each other (hoop through hoop), and back to the
originating point.


Equipment: balloons, one per team.
Blow up one balloon per group and tie it off at the neck. Form groups of 5-10 and have them
stand in a single line, front to back facing the same direction. Give the first person in line the
balloon. Pass the balloon overhead backward, from the front to the rear of the line. The last
person carries it back to the front of the line while holding it in between their knees and hopping
like a Kangaroo. Pass it on and continue until the first person is back at the front of the line. If
the balloon falls out, put it back and begin hopping again. You may not hold the balloon in place
with your hands while hopping.

References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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