Advancement Ceremony/04-07



Before the pack meeting, cut some fish shapes out of heavy colored paper. Staple each boy’s awards to a fish. Then attach each to a fish line and put all the fish into an empty fish bowl with the lines dangling over the edge. In pack meeting have a group of the boys sing the following song (or say it as a poem). (The original music is available on the Cub Power Chorus audiotape. Following the song, say:

Boys, I am glad that you are learning to make good choices. It is good to have fun, but we all need to be careful that the things we do are safe and constructive. The following boys have made some good choices this past month. They have worked hard, but they have also had fun learning their awards. Call the boys up with their parents and present their awards as you pull each fish out of the bowl. 


THE HUNGRY FISH                                               By Donna Wagstaff and Bob Greer

A hungry fish was swimming
up and down a little stream.
When he spied the most delicious worm
that he had ever seen!
“So fat,” he thought, “so juicy;
I just can’t believe it’s real.
How nice of it to come along
(pause) and be my evening meal.”
In a flashing and a splashing,
in an instant, he had turned.
And in another instant
had his mouth around that worm!
But just before he swallowed it,
he paused and turned aside.
He remembered it’s the fattest worm
(pause) that has the hook inside!

So he dropped back and cocked his head
to take another look.
And poking from that worm he saw
a sharply pointed hook!
He spun around and swam away
from that unhealthy thing.
When he was safe beneath the bank
(pause) the fish began to sing.

(Chorus) “Choosing’s never easy
But at least the choice is mine.
Who can say for certain
Where I’ll go or what it’ll find?
The life I live tomorrow

Is the one I choose today.
If I’m careful in my choosing,
then I know that I can say,
I won! I didn’t take the bait!
I won! The future’s looking great! I won!



I had a friend who told me
of a special pill he’d tried.
He said it made him feel so warm
and fuzzy deep inside.
He said he had another
I could sample if I wished.
But when he held it out to me
(pause) I thought of that old fish.
My friend said, “Here, just try it.
It will make you feel just great.”
I was tempted, just a little,
but I thought I’d better wait
until I had a chance to stop
and take a closer look.
Then I said, “I think your pill
(pause) contains a little hook!

I choose to take care of myself.
I will not take the bait.
I want a good tomorrow
and tomorrow starts today!
I turned and proudly walked away
from that unhealthy thing.
And a big smile spread across my heart
(pause) as I began to sing. (Chorus)


References / Source:
Great Salt Lake Council

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