Animal Themed Games

Animal Calls: Boys see who can do the best animal impersonations. Can be for
fun or judged for prizes.

Animal Relay: Each member of a team is allocated a different animal. He must
then move across the hall in the style of that animal.

Birds on a Telephone Line: Divide the group into two relay teams. String a
clothesline from one side to the other at shoulder height of the average person.
Clip 20 or more round topped clothespins onto the clothesline. (The pins are the
birds and the clothesline is the telephone line) On signal, the first person in each
team runs to the line, removes a pin with his teeth (no hands!), brings it back to
his team and drops it into a sack. The first team finished wins.

Bull Riding: Make bulls out of cardboard boxes. Boxes should have a hole cut
in the top and the bottom flaps folded in so the Cub can stand in the box.
Cardboard cutouts can make horns and bull faces. The Cub picks the box up
with one hand while standing in the hole. He must buck himself for eight
seconds. Done for fun. Boys sometimes buck themselves off!

Cat and Mouse: Organize the players into a rectangular grid, or maze, spaced
so that they stand two arms lengths away from their partners in all 4 directions.
Start with all the players facing in the same direction with their arms spread to
their sides - this should create a number of rows. On the command 'Turn'
everyone should turn round 90° - don't be too worried which way just as long as it
is a quarter turn. This changes the maze from rows to columns. Two players a
'cat' and a 'mouse' will run around the maze, the cat trying to catch and tag the
mouse. They may run around the maze and along the lines of arms but must not
pass or stretch across them. You can shout 'Turn' at any point during the game
to change the maze. When the mouse is caught start again with another pair or
start with a new mouse and allow the old mouse to 'grow' to a cat.

Catch the Frog Egg: Split the pack evenly in two and assemble one team in a
circle holding hands and the other team in a line. A leader positioned in the
middle of the circle throws a ball to each boy in turn and counts the number of
consecutive catches made. If anyone drops the ball counting starts again from
zero. Meanwhile the team in a line runs 'relay fashion' around the circle and
back to the line to tag the next player. This acts as a timer. Once all the Cubs
have run the teams swap over. The team with the highest number of consecutive
catches wins. Variation: total the number of catches in each run attempt. Team
with the highest total wins.

Centipede Relay: Cub 1 of the team runs up hall and back, he puts one hand
between his legs for the Cub 2 to hold. They run up hall and back together, cub 3
chain etc. Team penalized if chain breaks - must start again. Variation:
Instead of holding hands the team holds onto a pole.

Cross the River: Line up in teams with their equipment and draw two lines to
represent the river. Lay “stepping stones” (pieces of paper) across the river. Cub
1 carries Cub 2 on his back across the river using the stepping stones. Cub 2
comes back and picks up Cub 3 plus a piece of equipment. Cub 3 comes back
and picks up Cub 4 plus a piece of equipment and so on until all the Cubs have
crossed the river.

Donkey Race: Two boys straddle a broomstick, back to back. On signal, one
runs forward and the other runs backwards about 50 ft. They then run back to the
starting line, but this time they change positions (forward becomes backward
runner) then the next two team members go.

Feather Relay: Each player throws a long feather javelin style, toward the finish
line. As soon as it comes to earth, he picks it up and throws it again, and
continues until across the finish line. He then picks it up and runs back to his
team to give the feather to the next player. Variation: each team member makes
a paper airplane to use instead of the feather.

Fish in the Sea: All players but one stand behind a line. "IT" stands midway
between the line and a goal line thirty feet away. He shouts "Fish in the ocean,
fish in the sea; don't get the notion you'll get by me." The fish leave their line and
try to cross the goal line without being tagged. Players who are tagged join "IT"
and help catch others.

Flapping Fish Relay: Players must waft a paper cutout of a fish (1' length)
across the hall and back using the newspaper as a fan.
Hog Calling: Call the pigs in from the field for dinner!

In the Pond: Mark a big circle on the ground. This is the pond. The whole group
stands around the edge. The leader is the referee. When he shouts "In the
Pond," you all jump into the circle. When he shouts "On the Bank," you all jump
out. But sometimes he will try and trick you by saying "On the Pond" or "In the
Bank”. Anyone who moves, on a wrong order, is out of the game.

Poison Pole: Link hands around a pole (Den flag). Circle members try to pull
others into contact with the pole.

Skin the Snake: Team members stand one behind the other with legs apart and
pass their right hands between the legs to grasp the left hands of those behind.
Starting at the back, members crawl through the legs of those in front of them,
without letting go of hands, until the whole team is standing in a line holding

Thar She Blows!: Cubs representing the rocks in the sea are placed at random
around the room and cannot move. One Cub is the whale. A beanbag or soft
ball is the harpoon. Cubs must pass the harpoon to one another in an attempt to
get the whale harpooned. The Cub who harpoons the whale is the next whale.

Turtle Tag: To insure safety, a player must be on his back with all four feet in the
air. The boy who is "it" counts to ten and all turtles (other boys) must hop up and
run at least ten steps before again assuming the turtle position. If "it" can tag a
player before he is "safe" they exchange places and the other boy becomes "it".

Wolf: The boys stand in a circle with the "Wolf" in the center. Boys call "Wolf,
Wolf, are you ready?" Wolf answers "No, I'm putting on my shoe" and
pantomimes putting on his shoes. The other imitates him. Again they ask "Wolf,
Wolf, are you ready" and he replies that he is putting on his coat, tie, hat, etc.
each time pantomiming putting on the item, while all follow suit. Whenever he
wishes, the Wolf answers with "Yes, I'm ready, and here I come". The players
rush to a goal line and the Wolf tries to tag them. If any player is tagged, he
becomes the Wolf.

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Cirribean

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