Balloon Volley

You’ll need one inflated balloon and one 4-5 ft stick, pole or
broom for every 5 players. Give each player a number from 1-5. Players 1 and 3
hold the stick at shoulder height. Player 4 holds the balloon. Player 5 stands
between Players 4 & 1. Players move in a counterclockwise direction.

The game begins with Player 4 hitting the balloon over the stick to Player 2, and
then moving to take Player 3’s position. Player 3 waits until Player 2 hits the
balloon before advancing to take his position. Player 2, after hitting the balloon
back over the stick, will take the place of Player 1, who then stands behind
Player 5. Players continue to rotate one position to the right each time the
balloon crosses over the stick. Players may hit the balloon as many times as
needed to get it over the stick. Players holding the stick may move sideways, but
may not catch the balloon or lower the stick to assist their teammates. Two
players must be holding the stick before the balloon is hit over it. If the stick is
dropped while the players are changing places and the balloon has been hit, the
stick has to be picked up quickly before the balloon passes over it, or the team is
charged with one point. The lowest point total at the end of 5 minutes is the new
total to beat.

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Caribbean

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