Series of Games

Art Contests: Boys design projects or posters on a particular subject for fun or to
be judged.

Artists: Players sit round a table, each with paper and pencil. The right-hand
Scout draws a picture, in separate firm strokes, of an ordinary figure or head,
putting in his strokes in unusual sequence so that for a long time it is difficult to
see what he is drawing. Each player looks over to see what the man on his right
is drawing and copies it stroke by stroke. When the right-hand artist has finished
his picture, compare all the rest with it.

Packed My Suitcase: Memory game where Cubs sit in a circle. The first Cub
names an item that he packed in his suitcase. Each Cub adds another item as
they go around the circle. The Cubs who remembers all of the previous items

Paper Hoops: A pile of newspapers for each team is placed at one end of the
room with the teams lined up at the other end. When the whistle blows they race
up to the newspapers. The object is to cut the newspaper sheet in the middle
and then step through the paper without ripping it right through to the edge. If
that happens they have to start again. When they have stepped through they
race back so that the next team member can go. The winners are those who are
all sitting down with their arms folded. Use newspapers that are not too big.

Patience Relay: Separate the cards into a suit per team. Lay out the 10 number
cards (including ace) in any order face down at the end of the room. One at a
time the boys run up and turn over a card. If it is not the Ace then they turn it
face down again and run back to their team and the next player has a go. When
the ace is turned up they can lay it face up. The next card needed is the two and
so on. Play continues until one team has all its cards turned face up.

References / Source:
2003 Pirates of the Caribbean

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