InsaneScouter Resource Package

The InsaneScouter Resource Package is made up of over 800mb of Scouting stuff, see detailed list of whats included below. On occasion you will receive an email alerting you to new items added, which you may also download.

It should be noted most of this package can be found online, with enough time and effort.

This package can be yours for a $15 gift which will help keep InsaneScouter online and free for to everyone to use. After we receive your gift, we will email you instructions to download the package. All you have to do is use this paypal link, or contact us for other payment options. 

The resource package includes:

  1. 3 sets of Scout Challenges – each Scout challenge set is made up of 20 challenges and each individual challenge has 5 things for Scouts to do. Some challenges are skill based, others are meant to be kind of dumb and silly. They are already formated to be printed out on business card paper. Here is an example:

    Only Scouts wearing a neckerchief may speak.
    Have your Patrol stand in a circle.
    Have your Patrol interlock arms.
    Have each member stand on his left foot, only.
    Rotate the circle 90 degrees right, then back 180 degrees left.

  2. Fundraising A fundraising ebook full ideas from churches, schools, youth groups, and Scouts to raise funds for your organization (pdf 196kb - 21 pages)

  3. Dutch Over Cooking For Beginners and Pros (pdf 840kb - 79 pages)

  4. Board of Review Questions this is a document I compiled over the years. It includes questions and a training manual of sorts. (pdf 137kb)

  5. Bobcat Helper this is a tool I created when I was a Den Leader to handout to Scouts to help them learn things like the Law of the Pack and the Cub Scout Promice. (pdf 43kb)

  6. Den Chief Handbook this is another document I created for use at a local Den Chief training and with in the Troop / Pack I was working with at the time. (pdf 128kb)

  7. Boy Scout and Flag Ceremonies Sorry no Cub Scout ceremonies. These are mostly ceremonies that my dad wrote, but some are compiled from the internet for a specfic Court of Honor, etc. (zip 813kb - 15 pdf files)

  8. Star Trek Mini Camporee this is a event my dad wrote and we did with our Sister Troop. It centered around a number of events and what is known as a discovery trail. (zip 108kb - 10 files)

  9. Boy Scout Leadership Handouts a packet that was provided to me as a youth leader by our Scoutmaster who got a chunk of it when he got trained. I have enhanced it over the years. (zip 6mb - 10 files)

  10. Blueprints for making pioneering gadgets, bridges, even chuck boxes and camp gadgets (zip 6.5mb - 133 items)
    Baden Powel Audio and Video (zip 32 mb - 13 files)

  11. Digital Patch Collection a large photo collection of Scouting patches from around the world (zip 465mb - 15,269 items)
    Historical Photo Collection photos of Scouting memorabilia, Scout postage stamps from around the world and postcard drawings (zip 53mb - 2,249 items)

  12. World Jamboree Postcards postcards from the 1924, 1929, 1933, 1937, 1947, 1957, 1971, 1972, 1975, 1979, 1982 and 1988 World Jamborees (zip 22mb - 409 items)

  13. Historical Jamboree Photos these photos are from 1918, 1919, 1920 1924, 1927 - 1929, 1933, 1935, 1937. (zip 7mb - 143 items)

  14. Scout Camp Postcards these are post cards from Scout camps, sorted by state. (zip 27mb - 581 items)

  15. InsaneScouter Sample CD this is a cd I created that I use to give out at Scout Shows. What is on it 3,660 clipart images, 8 powwow books, 12 fonts, 171 outdated BSA forms, 6 multimedia items, 100 Native American Stories, and 18 orginal InsaneScouter newsletters. (zip 174 mb)




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