Flowers of Friendship Investiture

The original ceremony appears in “Ceremonies in GSing”,
however, this is updated to reflect the recent changes in the GS Law


Items needed: Ten groups of flowers, a container to set flowers in, sachets or potpourri for each girl.

Welcome to our investiture/rededication ceremony. In almost all countries and cultures there are ceremonies to mark important events in life - days of celebration, sad days, joyous days, days on which a special commitment is made, days that mark an achievement. GSs, too, have ceremonies to mark important events and significant days. Tonight we are here to confirm or reaffirm our belief in the GS Promise and Law. The GS Promise and Law are the foundation of all GSing. The Promise is like a basket that holds flowers. Flowers have always played and important role in human life. From the very earliest times, they have been given as tokens of love and respect and have served in ceremonies and rituals of all types. The flowers we mention in this ceremony symbolize the ten parts of the GS Law.

Main Part of Ceremony:
Please join me in repeating the GS Promise (All girls recite). And now we will dedicate ourselves to living the GS Law (as each part of the Law is read, the corresponding flower is placed in the basket)

I will do my best to be:
honest and fair,

This part of the law is represented by the white chrysanthemum. It shows truth, honor, trustworthiness, equality and fairness.

friendly and helpful,
The zinnia represents thoughtfulness about friends, while Baby's Breath represents generosity.

considerate and caring,
Together, a red and a white Rose stand for a warm and caring heart.

courageous and strong,
The garlic plant grows anywhere and has a strong flavor. It represents courage and strength of character and body. The Indian paintbrush shows cheerfulness even in difficulty.

and responsible for what I say and do,
The gladiola symbolizes strength of character, maturity, and responsibility.
Binding it with straw, we show that we honor our word and keep our agreements.

and to respect myself and others,
The white Rose and white zinnia show that we hold ourselves worthy and good.
Winter Greens symbolize the harmony we try to keep between others and ourselves.

respect authority,
The daffodil represents careful thought, attention, and concern. With the daffodil, we are saying that we hold others in high regard.


use resources wisely,
The foxglove shows thriftiness. When we use our resources wisely, we are being thrifty.

make the world a better place,
The cattail represents the peace we are trying to bring to the world when we help others. The Caladium shows the great joy and delight we take in the world around us.

and be a sister to every GS.
With the striped carnation, we are saying that we think about those GSs and Guides who are not here with us. It helps indicate our love for our fellow Scouts and Guides.

Closing: The sachet (or potpourri) symbolizes our dedication to the GS Promise and Law. Flowers alone do not last. The sachet (or potpourri), a combination of color, texture, shape, and aroma of each of the symbolic flowers, will always remind us of our commitment. A gift of fragrance is a gift of remembrance.


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