Daisy Girl Scout Investiture

Families should be sent an invitation two weeks before the ceremony. Evening ceremonies are

suggested to give working parents an opportunity to attend. Try to give each girl a kaper such as:

2-4 girls in flag ceremony; greet guests at door; hand out programs, and usher guests to seats.

Two girls carry yellow DAISY center to middle of stage area - one on each side - six feet or more

from center. Leader on left could use small table for a bowl of daisies, Daisy Girl Scout pins

(which need to be removed from card before investiture) and certificates. Two girls can carry

DAISY PETALS and place by Leader on the right of center stage.

Leader or Troop Committee chairperson welcomes families, introduces Leader or Leaders. One

Leader or girl acts as a flag ceremony caller. Color Guard enters, followed by remaining Daisy

Girl Scouts - two by two forming a single line across stage behind flags and Color Guard.

First girl on far right comes to Leader on right who hands her a daisy petal. Girl goes to center,

hooks clothespin on end of petal to wire around middle of the yellow center. Girl sits or squats at

edge of petal. Each girl in turn gets a petal and hooks it to center. When the daisy is complete,

girls stand. As Daisy Girl Scouts stand, they lift the DAISY they have made holding their petal

and forming a circle. They should then say or sing:

Round and round our petals turn,
Begin our Girl Scout life to learn.
Daisy - Daisy Girl Scouts are we,
We will grow and serve - You'll see!

Girls line up one after the other, raise their right hands and with the help of the Leader, say the

Girl Scout Promise in unison.

The girls sit down. One remains standing and goes to the Leader on the left who pins on her

Daisy Girl Scout Pin. The Daisy Girl Scout gives the Girl Scout sign, is handed a beginning

certificate and a daisy flower which she can take to her parent(s) and then joins her family. Each

Daisy Girl Scout leaves her petal and goes to be pinned in turn. The daisy the girls made

remains on the floor. This ends the investiture. Refreshments are served.

The number of girls in the troop determines the number of daisy petals. Girls may need part of

five meetings to learn their part in the ceremony.


Petals cut from large poster board, clothespin glued on inside edge of petal; yellow center of

Styrofoam, spray-paint or use yellow tissue or yellow poster board. Be sure there is something

for the clothespin to grip on.



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