Candlelighting Flag Ceremony

This is a fun flag ceremony if you are looking for something a little different. There should be decorated table in front of the room with 4 candles on it; one red candle; one white candle, one blue candle and the final large candle with stars glued on it. You will need 5 girls for the speaking parts of the ceremony and at least 4 others, 3 to carry the flag and a Caller.

Begin the ceremony with the first 5 girls standing at the table. The first girl will begin and end the speaking part of the ceremony but WILL NOT light a candle. Each of the other girls will say her part and then light her candle. After they finish the first part of the ceremony, the Caller will begin the flag ceremony.

1st girl: Today, as we gather, let us all keep in mind, one flag and the meaning therein we can find

2nd girl: The red is for the blood of Americans true, who gladly would give up their lives for you.

(Light the red candle)

3rd girl: The white is for purity, in both thought and deed, a rule of conduct, we might well heed.

(Light the white candle)

4th girl: The blue is for justice, for all, not one, a tenet we fought for and so dearly won.

(Light the blue candle)

5th girl: The stars are a symbol of God's guiding hand over the union of this mighty land.

(Light the candle with stars)

1st girl: There isn't a one our flag won't protect. One and all, we owe it great respect.

The CALLER immediately gives the following commands:

(All should stand)



(the Color Guard will advance to the front so the flag is in full view of the audience. Make sure they are in front of the table also).



(the Color Guard does not participate).


(the Color Guard will take the flag from the viewing area).



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