A Symbolic Investiture - Rededication

A Symbolic Investiture/Rededication
(this ceremony can also be adapted for use on Thinking Day)

All: Repeat the GS Promise


Juliette Gordon Low knew well that time flies swiftly,
Today is soon tomorrow,
And all of our tomorrows lie in the hands of our youth
Her gift to youth was GSing
And her dream a tree of fellowship grown from a tiny seed
She knew the seed would ripen
The tree grew
Nourished by faith
Watered by service
Tended by love
(Light one small candle to light the rest of the candles with)

Girl 1: This candle is for the founder of GSing in the United States, Juliette Gordon Low.

Girl 2: We watch the glowing flame with grateful thoughts of GSs here and abroad who have put their friendship to a special test and found it true.

Girl 3: This candle is for the founder of all Guiding and Scouting, Lord Baden-Powell.

Girl 4: We light the candles of friendship. These are symbols of our pledge as GSs of friendship to all the world, and a special friendship to GSs everywhere. The flames are small but burn steady and bright. We light them with the thoughts of friendship glowing steadily and brightly in our hearts.

Girl 5: This candle is for all GSs and Girl Guides wherever they maybe tonight.

Girl 6: This candle is for service to our country.

Girl 7: This candle is for the hope of peace in every land.

Girl 8: This candle says “Good luck to all who are away from home.”

Girl 9: This candle is for the GS law.

Girl 10: This candle is for the Promise we make as GSs.

Speaker: We quench the flame of our candles, but the flame of friendship still glows in our hearts. May we always be true and helpful friends to each other and to all mankind. (Leader pins each girl and gives the GS handshake)

All candles are extinguished EXCEPT the Juliette Low candle. This candle is put out after the final song.

All: Sing “GSs Together” (or another appropriate song)
Sing “Green Trees and Taps”



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