Dinosaurs Once Ruled the Earth Opening

Use printouts from online or drawings done by the boys to
illustrate each part, the boy's part can be written on the
back of the picture
CM: Dinosaurs once ruled the earth, when it was
very new. They hatched from eggs, and in their
day, had many things to do.
Cub #1: Seismasaurus was the longest, One Hundred
Sixty Feet!
Cub #2: Stegasaurus might look scary, but he just liked to
Cub #3: Brachiosaurus also ate green plants, and swam in
lakes and streams.
Cub #4: Tyrannosaurus had sharp teeth, ate meat and
NOTHING green!
Cub #5: Pteranadon with HIS huge wings, flew over sea
and land.
Cub #6: Triceratops, with three great horns, felt he was
very grand!
CA: Yes, dinosaurs once ruled the earth, but then their
time was done. We read of them, we see their
bones.  Now dinosaurs are FUN!

References / Source:
Alice, Golden Empire Council

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