Blue and Gold Flag Ceremony


Narrator: I represent the spirit of Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of Boy Scouting.  I am also the spirit of Scouting past and present.  Here is our future…Cub Scouts of America.


1st Cub: (carrying a Bible) In the Cub Scout Promise, we say "I promise to do my duty, to God" and religious activities are part of our rank advancement program.  I like to wear my uniform to church on Scout Sunday.  Nearly half of all Cub Scout packs are sponsored by churches.


2nd Cub: (in complete uniform) I wear my uniform with pride.  People know that I am a Cub Scout, growing straight and strong through Cub Scouting.  There is only one official uniform.  The colors of the uniform have meaning: Blue stands for truth and loyalty; gold for good cheer and happiness.


3rd Cub: (carrying Indian headdress) Early Cub Scout ceremonies were based on Kipling's Jungle Tales.  When Cub Scouting was established in America in 1930.  Indian themes were used.  Akela was the big chief of the Webelos tribe to which all Cub Scouts belong.  Chief Akela's father Arrow of Light, stated that all men were brothers and a tribe could be no greater than it's boys.


4th Cub: (carrying wood object) Cub Scouting means FUN!  We have lots of fun, but I like making things - real boy projects things that we can make with or follow a theme.  Cub Scout arrow points and Webelos activity badges give us many different projects to work on so we make useful things and learn new skills while we progress.


5th Cub: (carrying a collection) I like to go on hikes and collect things for my nature collection.  Hikes help us to appreciate the outdoors and help us grow physically.


6th Cub: (carrying an American Flag) I am proud to be an American so I can salute our flag.  I also like to see our Pack flag (points to flag) because then I know I am part of over 75 years of Scouting.  I belong!  When you salute the U.S. Flag you salute a lot of other things too.  You salute your family, your friends, your Cub Scout den, your fellow Americans, and this land of freedom, because they are America!!!


Narrator: Yes, I represent the Past and the Present.  These boys, Cub Scouts now, are the men of tomorrow.  They will be the preservers of our American heritage.  (Pause) Please stand and join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.


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