Indoor Track Meet

A good idea would be to run this track meet on a Six basis, with each Six sending forward its representative before the name of the contest is announced.

Bean Toss:
Give each contestant 10 navy beans and have him try to throw them, one at a time, into a quart jar from a chalk line on the floor.

Have each Cub stand with his feet touching each other, heel to toe. The den with the greatest aggregate length wins.

30-inch Dash:
Tack a 30-inch piece of string with a marshmallow at the end on the wall. The first Cub who chews the string and reaches the marshmallow wins.

Polo Pan:
Number six 1" cubes on each side: 0-1-2-3-4-5; and use a six-hole muffin pan. Let each person throw the cubes into the muffin pan from a distance of 6'. Add the top numbers of the cubes that land in the pan to determine a winner.

Bounce Ball:
Use five different-sized rubber balls and a cardboard box. Have the players, in turn, bounce the balls in the box from 10'. Score 2 points for each ball that goes in.

Plumb Ball:
Suspend a golf ball on a cord from the ceiling, using screw eyes. From broom handles, make a set of tenpins, 4" long. Have the players swing the ball and knock down the pins. Score 2 points for each pin knocked over and 10 extra points for a strike. Be sure to catch the ball on the rebound.

Hoop Stop:
Lay an 18" hoop made from No. 9 wire on the floor. Use three balls (marble, golf, tennis). Score 5 points for each ball placed inside the hoop in any manner from a distance of 6'.

Running High Whistle:
The boy who can hold a whistle the longest with one breath wins the event.

Lightweight Race:
Have the runners carry a lighted candle in one hand and a pail of water in the other. If water is slopped over or if the candle goes out, the contestant is out. The first to cross the finish line wins the race.

20 Yard Dash:
Line up the dens for a relay race. Have the contestants carry an egg in a teaspoon held with the arm extended. The first in each line runs 20 yards and back to the next one in line.

100 Yard Dash:
Tie a lump of sugar or a marshmallow on the end of a 100" string. The contestants gather the sting and marshmallows into their mouths without using their hands. The first one to eat the marshmallow wins the race.

Obstacle Race:
Place nickels in pans of white flour, or of whipping cream, to see who, with his hands behind him, can be the first to dig them out with his teeth.

Hold a contest to see who can throw the most pebbles into the mouth of a jug.

Endurance Race:
See who can eat four soda crackers and be the first to whistle a tune.

Moving Target:
Have the contestants throw beanbags, sticks, stones, anything for that matter, through a rolling hoop. Score 1 point for each hit.

Hobble Race:
Conduct a 100' race with contestants who are bound loosely about the ankles.

Long Glum:
The player who can keep from smiling longest, while all the others jeer and laugh, wins.

Slipper Throw:
Have the contestants lie flat on their backs and throw slippers over their heads with both feet.

Second Obstacle Race:
Make a large number of chalk marks on the floor at the end of the racecourse. Give each runner a damp rag with which to rub out the chalk marks. The first to clean his section on the floor and run back to the starting line, wins.

Swimming Relay:
For this relay race, have each hop on one foot, carrying a glass of water.

20 Foot Dash:
Have the relay runners roll lemons or hard-boiled eggs with a stick down the course and back and touch off the next player in line.

Bawl Game:
See who can make the most noise for a given period of time.

Wide Stretch:
Line up the Sixes with arms extended so that the players are touching, fingers to fingers. See which Six has the longest line.

Beans Relay:
Have the relay runners carry beans, one at a time, between matchsticks, toothpicks, or on a knife.

Standing Broad Grin:
The width of the grins was measured by judges. The widest one wins this event.

Discus Throwers:
Each contestant throws a paper pie plate from a chalk line. The plate must be held flat in the hand and not sailed with the thumb and fingers.

16 Pound Put:
Have each contestant put an inflated bag for distance as though it were put from the shoulder.

Sponge Shot-Put:
Use a small dry sponge for the shot. See who can put the shot the farthest.

Hammer Throw:
Use blown-up paper bags attached to a yard of string. Give each Cub one turn to see who can throw the 'hammer' the farthest.

Bottle Roll:
See who can roll a pop bottle from 6' and score a bulls-eye in a chalk ring on the floor. Draw several concentric circles to make targets of different values.


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