Webelos Outdoor AOL And Bridging


Akela (Cubmaster), Webelos Den Leader, Scoutmaster and Boy Scouts, graduating Webelos Scouts and their parents, tom-tom beaters.

Scout assembled a field bridge, tom-toms, candles for each boy, AOL candleholder, campfire, wooden target arrows.

We do our bridging at our spring campout. With the Boy Scouts supervising the construction of a bridge from lodge poles and rope. Cub Scout flags at one end and Boy Scout flags, Boy Scouts, and Scoutmaster (and other troop leaders) at the other end. First, we cross boys who do not attain the AOL, one at a time.

Webelos Den Leader: Would [Cub Scout name] Scout please approach and cross the bridge (On the Boy Scout side the Boy scouts will present the boys with their new Boy Scout neckerchiefs. Then send the boys back one by one to bring their parents across.)

(then we call the names of the WEBELOS who are to receive the AOL.)

Webelos Den Leader: Would the following Cub Scouts [say Cub Scout names] who have achieved the Arrow Of Light please approach and cross the bridge. (As they start to cross) Stop! You have further accomplishments. (drum beat)There will be silence, please! (pause) The drum of the great leader Akela calls all to recognize those Cub Scouts who have achieved the greatest of all cub scout honors. These scouts have honored Akela and their parents and families. The road to the Arrow of Light is not an easy one and this accomplishment is not to be taken lightly. These scouts have shown their courage to continue and see a task through to the end. In this end, there is a new beginning. The beginning of new leadership for tomorrow. We gather here tonight to honor these scouts and we are humbled by their accomplishment. They show us that by following the proper trail and facing the challenges it presents us, we can all reach our destination.


Webelos Den Leader: Would the parents of the [scouts names] join them before the council of Akela.


Webelos Den Leader: Akela, tell us of the trail these scouts followed to achieve the Arrow Of Light."


Akela: (recites AOL requirements and explains the significance of their accomplishment, then presents each boy with a candle.) Webelos Scouts, please light your candles.

(the scouts light candles and place them on the Arrow of light sign we have placed between the CubScout flags.)

Akela: Scouts please face the campfire. Bearer of the arrow, present arrows. (WDL comes forwards with a small piece of flash paper from a local magic shop, wrapped around tip)

(Stopping at each compass point around the fire holding arrows forward toward the point then toward the spectators, then the receiving boys. present an arrow to each boy.)

Webelos Den Leader: These arrows symbolize the straight path one must follow. The light symbolizes the enlightenment of knowledge and for doing right for others. (tell all boys to hold the arrow next to the feathers and one at a time place the tip of the arrow into the flame of their candle.) Akela will now present the Arrow Of Light to the Scouts. (and pins to mothers) Would the Scouts follow Akela for their secret ceremony? (out of sight of the others we explain the significance of the AOL award, and that it is the only Cub Scout award that can be proudly worn on a boy scout uniform. The scouts return to the campfire.)

Akela: Scouts please escort your parents to the bridge but cross the bridge alone. Parents will wait on this side.

(On the Boy Scout side the Boy scouts will present the boys with their new Boy Scout neckerchiefs. Then send the boys back one by one to bring their parents across. All new Boy Scouts assemble before the crowd.)

Scoutmaster: I would like to personally welcome all of these fine BOY SCOUTS and their families to Troop [number]. Would all of you please join me in welcoming them?

(loud Scout cheer!)



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