Webelos Graduation To Scouts

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Webelos Leader, Scoutmaster, SPL, Graduating Webelos, and their parents.

CUBMASTER: Tonight, our Pack has an important event to observe... the recognition of who is (are) continuing on the Scouting Trail. Will Webelos Scout(s) and his (their) parents please come forward.

(Webelos stand facing Cubmaster, with parents behind them.)

CUBMASTER: (Name(s)), when you joined our Pack you stood before us, repeated the Cub Scout Promise, and agreed to live by it. In honor of that occasion let us all stand and repeat the Cub Scout Promise.

(Give Cub Sign and lead in the Cub Promise.)

CUBMASTER: Since you made that promise, and agreed to Do Your Best as a Cub Scout...a lot has happened. You have grown, you have helped the Pack go, you have followed Akela, and you have given goodwill. You entered Cub Scouting as a child, so to speak. You have learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and have grown into a fine young boy(s). You first became a Bobcat, then a Wolf Cub, a Bear Cub, and then a Webelos Scout...Now, you are ready to move into Scouting.

WEBELOS LEADER: Just as you continued to grow and moved from Cubbing into Webelos, so you are continuing into Scouting. Our charge to (each of) you is that you do continue to grow, to learn more, to enjoy the challenge of Scouting, that you will take on the ways of young manhood and prepare yourselves to become the kind of citizen(s) our Country needs. Scouting, your parents, and friends will continue to help you along the way... As a symbol of your growth, I remove your neckerchief and present it to your parents.

CUBMASTER: As your Cubmaster, I pass you on to your Scoutmaster (s) Mr.____, so that you will continue your days in Scouting and continue to grow and learn, and meet the challenge of those words "On My Honor, I Will Do My Best..." Congratulations and good luck along your way Scout(s).

SCOUTMASTER: To show that you accept the challenge of Scouting, will you join the representatives of your new troop and other scouts present in giving the Scout Sign that you learned as (a) Webelos Scout(s) and repeating with them the Scout Oath.

Welcome to your new Troop. Your Senior Patrol Leader will now present your Scout neckerchief.

(SPL places neckerchief on the new Scout and shakes his hand with the Scout Handclasp.)


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