Webelos Graduation Ceremony #1

SETTING: Lights out. Artificial council fire is lighted. Cubmaster, Webelos leader, Webelos Scouts to be graduated, and Scout troop leaders (Scoutmaster and/or senior patrol leader) stand in front of the fire. Akela enters in Indian costume and takes his place of dignity behind the council fire.

AKELA: Akela has come to council with his people. Why did you call him?

CUBMASTER: O mighty Akela, chief of all Cub Scouts, some of your Webelos sons have prepared themselves to be Scouts and have reached the age to leave the den of the Webelos.

AKELA: It is good. My sons, you have reached a high point in your journey which leads from being a boy to being a man. You have reached the end of the Webelos trail and are ready to start the wonderful Scouting trail. Akela is proud of you. Before you go, Akela must be certain that you are well prepared for the Scouting trail. (to Cubmaster) Leader of this pack, are you satisfied that these boys are ready to leave the pack and start the Scouting trail?

CUBMASTER: Akela, I am certain.

Akela: (to troop leaders) Leaders of the troop, you have heard the leader of the pack say that these Webelos Scouts are ready to begin the Scouting trail. Are you ready to receive them into your troop and lead them along the path of Scouting?

SM or SPL: Yes, Akela, we are ready.

AKELA: (to Webelos Scouts) My sons, for the last time as Webelos Scouts, salute those leaders who have worked with you and counseled with you that you might grow beyond the den. (Webelos Scouts salute Cubmaster - Cubmaster returns salute). The Arrow of Light is the only badge of Cub Scouting that may be worn on the Scout uniform. It signifies the highest achievement which a Cub Scout can attain. I am pleased to see that you are wearing the Arrow of

Light. Now, in the presence of your pack leader, your troop leaders, your parents, and friends, please repeat the Scout Oath with me. (Webelos Scouts give Scout sign and repeat Oath.) And now salute your new troop leaders in greeting.

(Webelos Scouts give Scout salute.)

Akela says these final words to you. The trail is sometimes hard. Easier paths may be tempting to you. But if you will remember the Scout Law and the Oath which you have just given, and keep these things in your heart, they will help you stay on the trail of Scouting.

Will the parents of these Scouts please stand? (They do.) With your help, your sons have grown a little taller tonight. In Scouting, just as in Cub Scouting, your sons will need your help and guidance, and support so that they may follow the trail to Eagle.

It is now time for Akela to leave. Let there be happiness and rejoicing among the members of this pack for these sons who have brought you pride and honor. May your trails be long and happy ones. (Akela exits. Others return to their seats.)



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