Totem Pole Crossing


EQUIPMENT: Cub Scout totem pole (a 5 foot 2X4 anchored in a base, with large reproductions of Cub Scout rank emblems tacked to the front of it in ascending order with Arrow of Light at the top), Boy Scout totem pole (Same as Cub, only with Boy Scout ranks represented with an eagle on top), troop neckerchief, bridge.

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Webelos leader, Scoutmaster, Senior Patrol Leader, Webelos Scouts, and parents.

ARRANGEMENT: Cub Scout totem pole is left front, Boy Scout totem pole is right front, the bridge is center front, Scout troop personnel are beside their totem, Cubmaster and Webelos leader beside theirs.

WEBELOS LEADER: Oh great Akela of Pack (#), I beg your assistance in helping the Webelos Scouts of our tribe.

CUBMASTER: How may I aid these young braves?

WEBELOS LEADER: Akela, call upon the great master of the troop to accept these Webelos into his council fire ring.

CUBMASTER: These Webelos Scouts and their parents are part of our pack. They have been good to us and we have been good to them. Why should I send them to another tribe?

WEBELOS LEADER: It is true they are part of our pack. They have obeyed the Law of the Pack and kept the Cub Scout Promise with the aid of their parents. But, great Akela, they have grown much in the pack. They have tracked the Bobcat, the Wolf, the Bear. They have learned well the ways of the Webelos. It is time for them to trail the Eagle.

CUBMASTER: If it is true that these braves are ready to trail the Eagle; if you give your word that they know the Laws of the troop, and agree to the Oath of Boy Scouting, call them and their parents to the pack totem.

WEBELOS LEADER: Will Webelos Scouts (names) come to the totem with their parents.

(They do.) Akela, look with favor upon these braves. They have done well.

CUBMASTER: Parents, I place great trust in the judgment of the leader of the Webelos. He lives by the Law of the Pack and the Law of the troop. We will miss your sons in our Pack. Look now upon the totem of the Pack and the mark your sons have made along the Cub Scout Trail. Just as they made these ranks with your help, so will they need your help and encouragement as they trail the Eagle and make their mark in the troop.

I will go now and call upon the Scoutmaster of the Troop and ask him to admit your sons to his council ring. (Cubmaster walks to the edge of the bridge.)

Scoutmaster (name), hear the call of the tribe of Webelos.

SCOUTMASTER: Great Akela, what is it you desire?

CUBMASTER: The leader of the Webelos has prepared (Number) young braves of our tribe for admittance into your council ring. They have made their mark on our totem and desire to trail the Eagle.

SCOUTMASTER: You are a wise chief, Akela. If you say these braves are ready to trail the Eagle, I  will accept them. I send forward their new Senior Patrol Leader to help them across the bridge.

SENIOR PATROL LEADER: (advances to Scout edge of the bridge) Akela, let these braves leave their tribal dress of the Webelos behind and prepare to enter our council ring.

CUBMASTER: (returning to totem) Parents, remove the Webelos tribal dress from your sons. (helps them remove Webelos neckerchief and colors from sleeves).

(To Webelos Scouts) I wish you well as you trail the eagle. Walk with your parents to the bridge that will take you to the Eagle Trail. (Give each Webelos Scout the Cub handshake).

WEBELOS LEADER: (stands at the edge of the bridge.) Parents, these are young men now and must walk the bridge alone. (direct them behind the bridge to stand.) (To each boy) (Name), I salute you. (do so to each boy and shake his hand) Cross the bridge to Scouting.

SENIOR PATROL LEADER: Welcome, Scouts. We are proud to accept you. (Gives Scout handclasp to each boy and guides them to the Scout totem, and the Scoutmaster.

SCOUTMASTER: Look well upon the totem of the Scout troop. It is the way to trail the Eagle. To let all know of your new quest, I am honored to present you with the neckerchief that symbolizes your acceptance in the troop council ring. (present each boy with a neckerchief.)

We welcome also, your parents. Please bring them to our totem.

(boys escort parents to totem).

Parents, the trail to Eagle is a steep one and these Scouts will need your support and encouragement.

Are you prepared for the task that is upon you? If so, signify by saying "We Are."

(parents do so)

(to boys) Congratulations, Boy Scouts. (Give Boy Scout salute to boys, and give each the Scout handclasp.)

CUBMASTER: Who will be next to trail the Eagle?

WEBELOS LEADER: These fine young men will soon be ready, Akela. (bring Webelos den forward, enter remaining Scouts of new Webelos Scouts.) Already they have learned the yell of the tribe. (boys give den yell.)

CUBMASTER: It is good. let us all celebrate this special night with a special cheer. (lead cheer of choice).



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