The Gypsy Pack


MATERIALS: Have an artificial fire if indoors and a tripod over the top. Tripod: 3 long sticks (or PVC pipe painted brown) at least 5 feet long, tied near the top with a rope. Use a kettle or a plastic ice cream container painted silver. Place awards in it. You will also need some glitter for magic dust.

CUBMASTER: Standing in the back of the campfire with lights out he raises his hands above his head and says: "We gypsies know our minds and we are skilled in many things of everyday life. Tonight we have some among our tribes who have used their minds to practice many skills in their dens. Will the following tribe members bring their parents and stand before me, the Prince of the gypsies?"

Call out names. Line them up according to rank. Don't do Arrow of Light Awards right now. They will come later. All boys are called together in front of the fire and bow their heads before Cubmaster, who sprinkles the glitter on the awards and asks them to repeat after them, "As a gypsy tribe member, my mind is alert. My heart is in tune with the skills I have achieved tonight." Boys return to parents and are called individually forward to stand on either side of the fire with their parents who are given the award to give to their boy, each in turn.

ARROW OF LIGHT: If any, they are done similarly.

CUBMASTER: "We have some in our tribes who we want to give special honor to this night." Call forth the boys who are receiving this award, along with their parents. The boys stand in front of the fire, bowing their heads. Parents stand beside the fire so that the boys are seen. Sprinkle glitter on awards in the kettle. "My mind is clear and alert, my heart is in deep gratitude with the honor given to my poor soul as I receive the Arrow of Light." Boys join their parents, and parents present their boy with the Arrow of Light and any other pack project awards that may be given.

GYPSY GRADUATION: All boys in tribes are called forward and line up in two equal rows facing each other. The boys in the row furthest away from the audience take their gypsy scarves (cub scarves) from their heads. Each boy takes a comer of the scarf with the point facing down and holds it up high so that the honored boy can walk through the archway to the other end where the Scoutmaster is. This is called the Arch Ceremony.

CUBMASTER: Hand the boy the graduation certificate and shake his and his parents' hands and say:

"Our gypsy tribe members wish you farewell as you journey into scouting, but our hearts will always be with you." Boys and parents bow their heads as they walk through the archway to the Scoutmaster at the other end of the archway, along with the patrol leader, to greet them and welcome them to scouting.



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