Crossover To Scouts


Setting:  A bridge is in the center stage.  One side of the bridge is represented as the Cub Scout side and the other side as the Boy Scout side.  You can use your imagination on how to symbolize each side so it is apparent which side is which.  The use of Boy Scouts with candles lighting the path is very impressive.  Cubmaster and Scoutmaster standing appropriate sides.

Cubmaster:  Tonight we mark a great occasion...the graduation of ____ Webelos Scouts into a Boy Scout troop.  We are sad to see them leave because they have been a great help to our pack...but we are happy for them because they are going on to the great adventure of Boy Scouting.  These Webelos have worked hard for this night and have advanced well.  As a symbol of their hard work, each Webelos Scout will be given an arrow.  As I call your name, will each Scout come forward with your parents?

(Call each boy's name)

Reader:  The arrow alone gives meaning to each of these Scouts.  The wooden shaft gives the strength like the strength the Scout Promise gives each boy.  The fletching helps guide the arrow on a straight and true path like the Scout Law guides the Scout on a straight and true path.  The arrowhead points the way to the target like Webelos badge and Arrow of Light requirements have pointed the Scout to the ways of Boy Scouting.

Each arrow has these parts...but each arrow is is individual.  Each arrow represents its own trail through Cub Scouting. (Give each boy his arrow)

It has been a long trail...As you look at the arrow you can look back and see how far you have traveled.  Your first trail led you across the Bobcat Ridge, where Akela took you into the Pack as a Bobcat.  The yellow mark tells that this boy completed his Bobcat requirements.  You may have then climbed the steep Wolf Mountain.  The red mark means he has completed the Wolf badge.  After that, there may be gold and silver marks for the arrow points that you may have earned.  After finding your way through Bear Forest, you may have earned your Bear rank.  The green mark shows you have gained your Bear achievements, and again you may have earned gold and silver arrow points.  Your trail next may have led you to Webelos rank...first earning three Webelos pins shown by three black marks, then your Webelos badge which is marked in blue.  The Arrow of Light trail may have been hard and rugged.  You first earned another four Webelos pins.  Then came the highest Cub Scout achievement, the Arrow of Light which is signified by the white marking on the arrow.  The twelve beads will remind you of the twelve points of the Scout Law.  The red and white feathers not only stand for the troop's colors, but also for devotion and honor.

Your trail in Scouting does not end in Cub is only the beginning...for all of you have prepared yourself for the crossing over to Boy Scouts.

The bridge before you is a symbol of your crossing from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting.  The bridge is a structure carrying a pathway or roadway over a depression.  it is a means of connection or transition from one side to this bridge represents how our Pack --- is connected to our Troop ___.  As I call each boy's name, please come stand before your Cubmaster where he will remove your Webelos neckerchief.

(Cubmaster is calling over to the Scoutmaster)

Cubmaster:  Hello, Boys Scouts of Troop ___.

Scoutmaster:  Hello, Cub Scouts of Akela.  What do you desire?

Cubmaster:  We have several Webelos who have prepared themselves for entrance into your troop.

Scoutmaster:  Bring them and their parents forward to the bridge that joins our Pack and Troop.  I will send two of my Scouts over to escort the boys and their parents over the bridge.

(Boy Scouts cross over to Pack's side and then escort the new Scouts and their parents to the other side)

Webelos leader speaking to the Scoutmaster:  These are your new Scouts, ready for the adventures ahead of them.  They are going to call themselves the ___ patrol.

Webelos leader speaking to the boys:  As I call each of your names, please come forward to your Scoutmaster, ___, where he will place on you the neckerchief of Troop ___.

Scoutmaster:  I welcome the new ___ patrol and their families to our Troop ___.  (Lights on)

Scoutmaster:  Will Troop ___ please form your patrols.

(Have SPL lead all Scouts in the Scout Promise)



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