Bridging Webelos To Scouts #2

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Webelos leader, Den Chief, Scoutmaster, Boy Scout candidates, and their parents.

EQUIPMENT: American flag, pack flag, troop flag, a bridge, troop neckerchief for each candidate

SETTING: The bridge is placed in the center of the room, the pack flag is to the left of the bridge, the American flag and troop flag to the right. Cubmaster and Webelos Den Leaders (of boys crossing over) at the left of the bridge. Candidates and parents to the far left, to be escorted to the front.

Scoutmaster and Boy Scouts to the right of the bridge.

Narrator / Den Leader: "We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it." How many of us have used that phrase when we are faced with something we have not prepared for. On their journey as Webelos Scouts, these boys have crossed many "bridges." With the help of their den leaders and parents, they are prepared to cross this bridge tonight. They have gone camping, and hiking; they have learned how to cook a meal in tin foil on a campfire; they have learned the importance o physical fitness and they have earned activity pins in a variety of areas. They have spent many hours preparing for this bridge.

And now as they begin their journey as Boy Scouts. They will be faced with new "bridges."

"Scoutmaster, will you and your troop help these new Scouts to prepare for the bridges they will be crossing on their journey through the ranks of being a Boy Scout?"


Scoutmaster and Boy Scouts reply "We will help them."


"Would the following Webelos Scouts please come forward and stand to the right end of the bridge; (Scouts are called by name.)

Would the Cubmaster and Den Leaders help these boys cross this bridge?"

The Webelos scarf and epaulets are removed and handed to the parents. Shake the Scouts hand and send them across the bridge, accompanied by their parents.

Scoutmaster will welcome the boys with the Boy Scout handshake and give them their new epaulets and ties/scarves.

The new Boy Scouts will form a line and give the Boy Scout salute to the Scoutmaster.

The Cubmaster and/or Boy Scouts will lead the new Scouts in the Boy Scout Oath.

Scoutmaster: "Congratulations new Boy Scouts and welcome to your journey as a Boy Scout."



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