The Life Story Of Akela


Tonight we are recognizing Webelos Scouts from our pack who have earned the Arrow of Light Award--the highest honor in Cub Scouting.

We all know that the Cub Scout advancement plan follows the life story of Akela, an Indian brave of the mythical Webelos tribe. As we follow the Cub Scout trail, we follow in the footsteps of Akela and, like Akela, learn many things, so that someday we, too, may become brave Scouts. The first thing that Akela had to learn was the law of his tribe. It is the same in Cub Scouting. In order to become a Bobcat, our boys must learn the law of the pack.

Bobcat_____, will you light the candle representing the rank of Bobcat. (He does so).

When Akela was of Bobcat age, he was taken on short trips into the forest by his father. Here, among the great trees and streams, he became acquainted with the animals. From the wolf, he learned the language of the group, the tracks, and the ways of food. Much the same as Akela, our Cub Scouts worked and learned and received the rank of Wolf.

Wolf Cub Scout, will you light the candle representing the rank of Wolf. (He does so.)

Later Akela learned from the big, kindly bear the secret names of trees and from other friends the calls of birds and the language of the air. Just as Akela learned new things that required a little more skill, so, too, do our Cub Scouts earn the Bear badge.

Bear Cub Scout, will you light the candle representing the rank of Bear. ( He does so.)

From his father, Arrow of Light, Akela learned the speech and calls of the Webelos Tribe. After Akela had learned the ways of the wolf and bear and had passed the tests of the tribe, he was admitted into the lower ranks of the young braves. Thus, he became a Webelos Scout.

Webelos Scout will you light the candle representing the rank of Webelos. (He does so.)

Here we should stop and think of the inner meaning of the word Webelos. It means "We'll Be Loyal Scouts"--to our country, our home, and to God. Now, as we look back down our Cub Scout trail, we see how bright the pathway is--bright because you Cub Scout have helped make it so. You light the pathway through Cub Scouting by doing your best, being square, and giving goodwill.

Will our Assistant Cubmaster please select those boys worthy of receiving the Arrow of Light, and bring them and their parents forward. (He brings them forward.)

Webelos Scouts, the emblem you see before you represents the Arrow of Light Award. You have completed the four ranks of Cub Scouting--Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos. There are seven rays in the Arrow of Light. As they are lighted, you will hear how they stand for the seven great virtues of life.

1. Wisdom - Wisdom does not necessarily mean superior knowledge. It means putting to the right use the knowledge that one possesses.

2. Courage - Courage is not the quality that enables men to meet danger without fear; it is being able to meet danger in spite of one's fear.

3. Self-Control - Self-Control isn't limited to the control of one's temper but control of one's self in all things.

4. Justice - Justice is the practice of dealing fairly with others without prejudice or regard to race, color, or creed.

5. Faith - Faith is the conviction that something unproved by physical evidence is true.

6. Hope - Hope means to expect with confidence. Always hope for better things to come.

7. Love - There are many kinds of love: love of family; love of home; love of fellow man; love of God; and love of country. All these loves are necessary for a full life.

You Webelos Scouts have fulfilled all requirements for, the Arrow of Light Award. Placed before you are the burning candles that represent the ranks of Cub Scouting. May it always be said of you, as a brave of the Webelos Tribe, that you have reached the top of any ladder of achievement set before you. You are soon to go into Scouting--there to be tested again. May you ever be successful.

It is an honor for me to recognize you Webelos Scouts and to present you with these arrows. You may hang your arrow in your room to remind you of the good times we have had together in Pack. 



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