Burning Of Scarf


PERSONNEL: Narrator, drummer,' Akela Cubmaster , Webelos Leader, Brave Webelos Scout, Parents.

EQUIPMENT: Magic solution actually 60% and 40% acetone, drum, candle of truth, Webelos scarf with the emblem removed, FIRE EXTINGUISHER.

ARRANGEMENTS: The emblem must be removed off the scarf that you intend to burn. You can not use a leaders' scarf. The emblem and the cording around the leaders' scarf will soak up too much of the acetone. Clothes hangers are opened and a circle bent into the end, at least two feet long. Safety pins hold the scarf to the hangers. The magic potion should be put into large peanut butter jars, with a tight fitting cover so it may be used again. The jar should be placed in a large basket or box. Have the scarf to be burned already in the basket, then when the boy's scarf is put in no one will be the wiser. The scarf you use must be squeezed out, until only damp. Immediately hold the damp scarf over the flame of the candle. Do this very quickly as the acetone will evaporate. It will go into flames for a few seconds and then go out as the acetone is burned. The flame is best seen in a dimly lit room.


NARRATOR: Many moons ago a Webelos brave started on the trail of the Arrow of Light. Much work and many hard hours went into preparation. After many council fires--Akela came forward. 

Drum beats while Akela enters.

AKELA: The great Eagle, bird of truth, has come to me with the name of a candidate for the sacred award of the Arrow of Light.


AKELA: Will (name), and his parents please come to the Council fire. Will his Webelos Leader also come forward.


AKELA: Brave (name), I now ask your Webelos Leader if you have tried to follow the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack. Have you learned from the trail of the Bobcat, Wolf and Bear, and, from the tribe of the Webelos?

WEBELOS LEADER: Yes, he has.

AKELA: I now ask you one question. Have you TRIED to do your best?

BRAVE: Yes, I have.

AKELA: This is indeed a proud moment for our tribe, when we can see you advance. It symbolizes the cooperation in your pack and in your tepee. You have shared many experiences and much knowledge.

Without this sharing and caring along the trail of the Arrow of Light it would have been far more difficult. As your parents take the Webelos scarf from around your shoulders, I want you to think about the one question I asked you before. You answered Yes, that you had done your best. If this is true, after we dip your scarf into the magic potion and pass it over the flame of truth it will flame up but will not be consumed by the fire.

Akela and Webelos Leader should now take the scarf from the parents and dip it in the solution then pass it over the candle. This should be done very quickly because the acetone will evaporate very fast once the scarf is opened up. Use coat hangers with safety pins already attached to the scarf with the emblem removed.

AKELA: Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Arrow of Light. You have indeed done your best.



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