Blue & Gold Banquet Arrow Of Light #2


This is an involved Ceremony for a February Blue and Gold Banquet. Only the Webelos are receiving any awards tonight. The rest of the pack will receive their awards at the regular March Pack Meeting. It is our Pack's way to say good bye to our second year Webelos, who have been with us for up to five years.


AWARDS CHAIRMAN: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we gather on Lord Baden-Powell's birthday (Who's Baden-Powell you say, why the founder of scouting of course) to present to you Number Webelos Scouts. They have reached a milestone in their Cub Scout journey. They have been working for several years in the pack to earn this award tonight. The Arrow of Light is the highest award in Cub Scouting, and it is very symbolic. The Arrow of Light is the only Cub Scout award that can be carried over and worn on the Boy Scout uniform.

(Need a Tiger, Bobcat (Wolf), Wolf, Bear, and Webelos scout to come forward)

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: As we follow the Cub Scout trail, our Cub Scouts learn many things.

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: Tiger cubs do things and go places together. Tiger Cub will you light the candle representing the rank of the Tiger Cub. (He does so, passes the lighter to the next scout, and then sits down after candle is lit).

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: In order to become a Bobcat, our boys must earn the law of the pack. Bobcat will you light the candle representing the rank of Bobcat. (He does so, passes the lighter to the next scout, and then sits down after candle is lit).

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: Our Cub Scouts listened, learned and worked to receive the Wolf rank. Wolf Cub Scout, will you light the candle representing the rank of Wolf. (He does so, passes the lighter to the next scout, and then sits down after candle is lit).

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: Our Cub Scout learned more new things that required little more skill, more cooperation, so, too, do our Cub Scouts earn the Bear badge. Bear Cub Scout, will you light the candle representing the rank of Bear.

(He does so, passes the lighter to the next scout, and then sits down after candle is lit).

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: The Webelos Scout is between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts and works on a separate 2 year program, Webelos Scout, will you light the candle representing the rank of Webelos. (He does so, passes the lighter to the next scout, and then sits down after candle is lit). Here we should stop and think of the inner meaning of the word Webelos. What does the word WEBELOS mean?

We'll Be Loyal Scouts

What shall we be loyal to?

Our country,

Our flag.

Our pack.

Our leaders.

Our families.

Our parents.

And to God our Father

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: Now, as we look back down our Cub Scout trail, we see how bright and the pathway was.

Bright because you, Cub Scouts have helped make it so. You light the pathway through Cub Scouting by doing your best, helping others and giving goodwill.

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: The Arrow of light is the beginning of these cub scout's journey into and through Boy Scouting. They have set a goal, a target if you will, in Scouting - the Eagle Scout rank. They may not realize that the Arrow of Light is the highest rank of cub scouting and, for Cub Scouts, it is the equivalent to the Eagle rank.

These Webelos scouts are half way to their Goal.


Lets look at this Arrow on the Arrow of Light

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: (Holds up arrow.)

How many of you have ever shot an arrow at a target? (rhetorical question)

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: How does the arrow hit the target?

WEBELOS DEN LEADER: The Archer must practice and practice.

WEBELOS DEN LEADER: It must be pointed in the right direction.

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: What makes the arrow fly straight?

WEBELOS DEN LEADER: A straight shaft.

WEBELOS DEN LEADER: And feathers on the end.

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: What helps it enter its target?


WEBELOS DEN LEADER: A sharp point.

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: In order to be effective the archer and the arrow

Must have be all of these things

The Archer must practice and practice

The Arrow pointed in the right direction

The Arrow must be straight and true,

The Arrow needs guidance and stability,

The Arrow must be fast and sharp.

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: This arrow just like these boys. Through Scouting, these boys will be pointed in the right direction. On their trail, to the Eagle rank, they will have time to practice many skills. These boy scouts must be straight and true to succeed in their journey to their goal. The boys receive guidance and stability from good leaders, a scouting program that is designed to help them move quickly through the ranks of achievement. Let's not forget these boy's family's that provides the support to propel each onward. Sharp attention is required to make it to the Arrow of Light rank.

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: With the force of his family and Scouting, each of these boys can reach his goal. His goal of course is The Eagle Scout Rank - and on to horrible Manhood.


Would (Names) and your parents please come forward.

(Roll call of Den #1)


Would (Names) and your parents please come forward.

(Roll call of Den #2)


Would (Names) and your parents please come forward.

(Roll call of Den #3)

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: We present to each of you a ceremonial arrow, to remind you about tonight, and how your

journey into manhood began through Scouting. This Ceremonial Arrow is a gift from your parents. Each is unique, and represents many hours of work by your parents, with special equipment, under instruction of experienced craftsmen.

This Arrow honors your achievements through your Cub Scout pathway. There are colored bands on the shaft that correspond to:

(Arrows in Den Order on Ceremonial Table)

(Move arrows to Parents)

WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Each rank badge



Wolf and each arrow point

Bear and each arrow point

Webelos badge, and each activity pin,

WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Activity Pins each sports pin and each academic pin earned each parent presents Ceremonial Arrow to Son.


AWARDS CHAIRMAN: Keep this arrow close. It will be used in a special Cross Over Ceremony (To Boy Scouting) At Camp ????.

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: I would like to invite the Pack and parents to watch our Cross-Over into Boy Scouting on Date, ???? p.m. at Camp ????.

The Arrow of Light Badge - Meaning

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: The arrow is to remind us to continue to go straight on the pathway of Scouting and in Life.

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: The arch is the sun rising at daybreak. Starting a new week in scouting and life AWARDS CHAIRMAN: There are seven rays in the Arrow of Light. They stand for each day of the week. As they are lighted, you will hear how they stand also for the seven great virtues of life.


WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Wisdom does not necessarily mean superior knowledge. It means putting to the right use of knowledge that one possess.


WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Courage is not meeting danger without fear; it is being able to meet danger in spite of one's fear.


WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Self control isn't limited to the control of one's temper but control of one's self in all things – emotional, mental and physical.


WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Justice is the practice of dealing fairly with others without prejudices.


WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Faith is the conviction that something unproved by physical evidence is true.


WEBELOS DEN LEADER: Hope means to expect with confidence. Always hope for better things to come.


WEBELOS DEN LEADER: There are many kinds of love - family, home, fellow man, country, God, all of which are necessary for a full life.


AWARDS CHAIRMAN: Putting all these together, we have the Arrow of Light. the highest award in Cub Scouting.

Tonight we have with us ? Number Webelos scouts who have completed the requirements and are ready to receive this prestigious award.

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: Would Each Webelos Den Leader (Leader Name(s)) read the names of their candidates for the Arrow of Light Award

WEBELOS DEN LEADER: (Roll call of Den - slowly)

(As each Den's names are read)

(Give Arrow Of Light Patch and card to Parents)

(Cubmaster prepares the Boy Scout Books)

CUBMASTER: You Webelos Scouts have fulfilled all requirements for the Arrow of Light Award. Placed before you are the burning candles, which represent the ranks of Cub, Scouting. May it always be said of you, that you have reached the top of any ladder of achievement set before you. You will soon be going into Boy Scouts - there you will be tested again. May you ever be successful. It is an honor for me to recognize you Webelos Scouts and to present you with the Arrow of Light Badge and your Boy Scout Book.

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: Parents, since you were so instrumental in your son's reaching this goal, I would like to give you the honor and privilege of presenting him with the last award that he will receive as a Cub Scout.

Parents Present Arrow of Light

(Scoutmaster Presents Boy Scout Book)

AWARDS CHAIRMAN: Scouts, Your AOL awards also contains a Mother's AOL pin. Please, now, give this to your parents so they can wear it with Pride!!

Cub Master: Boys wear the Arrow of Light with Pride - you have earned them well.

Cub Master: Pack____, let me present to you our newest recipients of the arrow of light.





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