Akela's Test


PEOPLE REQUIRED: 1) Akela (Cubmaster), 2) Baloo (Asst. Cubmaster)

PROPS: 1) Simple scenery to place behind Akela, 2) Campfire, 3) Low sounding drum, 4) Badges (with tape affixed to the card the badge is on)

(The lights are turned off, the fire is lit and steady low drumming begins. Akela and Baloo walk toward the front. When they reach the front, Akela gives the Cub Scout sign, and the drum falls silent.)

BALOO: Akela had to pass a test to prove himself worthy of becoming chief. In Akela's tribe, all braves desiring to be chief were given four arrows. These were special arrows: once used, they shattered. Braves could eat only food they caught themselves. The brave who stayed out the longest would become chief. Let's listen to Akela relate his tale.

AKELA: I walked far from camp and stopped at the side of a clearing. I waited all night for a deer to come by. When one appeared, I took careful aim and shot. The meat of the deer provided me with food for many days. Its hide provided me with clothing.

BALOO: This showed that Akela had learned the basic skills to survive. It also showed the virtue of patience. The rank of Bobcat indicates the Cub Scout has learned the basic skills. Will our newest Bobcats come to join us by the fire? Parents will join you later. (names) have earned their Bobcat badge.

AKELA: I walked along the trail near the stream. There, I came upon a friend laying in the trail. He had used up all his arrows and was starving. I saw a squirrel in a nearby tree. I wanted to save my arrows for bigger game, but my friend was starving. So, I shot the squirrel for my friend.

BALOO: This showed that Akela learned the value of friendship and that he was unselfish. The Wolf badge indicates the Cub Scout has learned these new values on the trail of Scouting. Will our new Wolf Scouts join us by the fire? (names) have earned their Wolf badge.

AKELA: As I followed the trail by the stream, I came face to face with a huge bear. It growled and started running toward me. I strung my bow, took careful aim, and when he was near, I shot and killed him. He provided me with food for many more days. His heavy coat provided me with shelter from the cold nights.

BALOO: This showed that Akela was brave. This is also why we honor the Cubs with the next level of accomplishment ... the Bear badge. Will the new Bear Scouts join us by the fire? (names) have earned their Bear badge.

AKELA: The meat from the bear lasted for many days, but soon I had to continue on in search of more food. I came upon a wolf that had just killed a deer. The wolf saw me and ran off. I was hungry, but I had promised to eat only food that I had killed, so I continued on.

BALOO: This showed that Akela was honest. To earn the Webelos badge, the Cub Scout must learn the Boy Scout law which includes honesty. Will the new Webelos Scouts come to join us by the fire?

(names) have earned their Webelos badge.

AKELA: I was many days from camp. I needed food to give me strength, so I tracked the wolf I had seen before. I strung my last arrow, took careful aim, but missed. I was scared because I had no food or arrows. As I started back to camp, I prayed to the great spirit. Suddenly, I saw the arrow; it was still whole! I followed the wolf's trail again. I took aim, pulled back the arrow, and let it fly. This time the arrow found its mark! I now had enough food to return home.

BALOO: Akela learned that sometimes you have to ask for help. Our Cub Scouts sometimes need help also. Their den leaders and parents provide that help. Will the parents of all these Scouts please come up and stand behind their son?

(Provide time for the parents to assemble with the scouts.)

AKELA: Congratulations to you scouts on achieving this difficult rank. You will now receive the symbol representing your new rank.

(Akela presents the badges to the parents of the Cub Scouts and gives the Cub Scout handshake to each Cub Scout.)

AKELA: Would the parents place the cloth badge on the uniform upside down as is the custom of our tribe?

(Parents attach badge upside down.)

AKELA: It may be attached right side up, permanently after a good deed has been done by the scout.

The pin is worn by your parents to signify the help you have given your son.

BALOO: Please join Akela and me in the Law of the Pack:

All: The Cub Scout follows Akela. The Cub Scout helps the pack go. The pack helps the Cub Scout grow.



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