Wolf and Bear Trail Advancement Ceremony


If your father were an Indian Chief and your mother were an Indian squaw, you would learn all the secrets of the great forest by going into it yourself. You would have to follow the tracks of the Wolf and Bear to learn their habits.

On the trail, you would see and learn many things. You would see how the beavers work together to build their mighty dam. Each day you would jump across a wider stream or climb a taller tree. You would be getting stronger and stronger as you learn more and more about the rocks, trees, birds, and animals. You would become braver, too, because your wider knowledge and greater strength would make you braver. 

Your adventure would not always be in the woods. One day it might be at the side of the arrow-makers, where you would learn to make arrows. You might learn to weave a blanket or build a wigwam another day. 

Each night you would tell the story of your adventure to the Chief and to your Mother. They would praise you or give you helpful suggestions so you would be prepared for greater adventures tomorrow. 

You may be thinking, " But, I'm not an Indian boy! '' Well, that is true. However, you have teachers in the school to help you learn many things it would take you a long time to find out for yourself. Your mother can help you to learn many useful things. Your father, though he may be a big chief in his job, will be glad to take you fishing. 

" But, I can't follow the trail of the Wolf or the Bear like the Indian boy, "you say. Oh yes, you can, and there are a lot of people ready to help you. That is what Cub Scouting is. Your leader, the Cubmaster, will show you the way. Your Den Leader will help you learn the skills like the arrow-makers; and teach you to jump like a deer, run like the fox, and build like the beaver. Just follow the Wolf trail through the pages of your Wolf book and you will get all the fun and thrills the Indian boy had when he first ventured into the weird, twisted underbrush of the Great Forest. 

Each night you have done something described on any page of your Wolf book, go to your Mother or Dad or both and show or tell them what you have done. One of them will sign your book, showing they think you have done your Achievement well. 

Tonight we have boys who have completed all 12 Achievements to earn the Wolf and Bear badges; and others who have completed elective requirements to earn arrow points. They have come a long way up the Cub Scout Trail. (Call boys and their parents forward to receive awards)



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