Painted Bobcat With Totems


PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Assistant Cubmaster or Den Leader, Bobcats, and parents.

EQUIPMENT: Face Paint colors -- Blue & Yellow, Bobcat pin & Patch, Prepared Belt totem -A leather belt totem with the Cub Scout logo stamped in the middle with your Pack numerals stamped above the logo. There are 5 holes at the bottom of the totem.

Starting from left to right we put 3 beads on a leather lace, with the exception of the center where we put a plastic Arrowhead.

The order of colors is Yellow, Red, light blue, dark blue.

Each represents a step in the Cub Scout trail -- Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, and the Arrowhead as the focal point points the direction to the Arrow of light.

CUBMASTER: Tonight, we are honored to have among us a boy (or boys) who has completed the requirements for the Bobcat badge. The Bobcat badge is an important part of the Cub Scout Trail, it is the foundation upon which a boy begins his trek toward the Arrow of Light.

Would the following boys and their parents please come forward!

(Boys come forward)

Boy's you've accomplished the first step in Cub Scouting. In all things, there is always a first....the first stone laid in a new building, the first step across a bridge. The first is sometimes the hardest, but that’s because it lays the foundation or the strength for what follows. The Bobcat badge is your foundation.

The trail of Scouting lies ahead of you, but don't be afraid. You won't have to do it alone. You'll have lots of help from your Akela... Akela can be your parents, your Den Leader, even I your Cubmaster will help you along the trail, helping you become successful.

As a symbol of your achievement and of becoming a member of this pack, I ask my assistant to give you the colors of Cub on the right cheek, yellow on the left.

(Asst. CM or Den Leader puts blue and yellow mark on each boy’s cheek)

Your parents stand here with you as an example to show they are proud and that they are there to help you, just like they helped you earn the Bobcat badge. I am presenting your Bobcat badge to your parents who in turn will present you.

(Award badges to Parents, who in turn present the badge to the boys)

Furthermore, I have made a small token to remind you of this day. As you wear this totem note that all of the ranks are connected...connected by the Cub Scout logo. They all come to a point at the arrowhead, which someday I hope I will be able to present you with your arrow of light.

(present belt totems)

Boys, parents, and guests of Pack [number] please join me in congratulating these boys in their achievement with the Cub Scout Cheer.

(I yell "CUB" -- audience yells "SCOUTS" (3 times) then conclude with a rousing clapping.)



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