Tiger Cub Welcome To The Pack And Scouting


MATERIALS: Blue Candle, Yellow Candle, Orange Candle, and a small candle for each Tiger Cub member.

PARTICIPANTS: Cubmaster, Tiger Cub Group Organizer, Tiger Cub Group.

CUBMASTER: Many years ago, Akela decided that the young boys of his nation should learn of the many great traditions shared by his Tribe. He called the Elders of the Tribe to his Council fires and told them of his plan.

The seven, eight, nine, and ten-year-old boys would become a group called "Cub Scouts." They would work together to learn the fine ideals of the Tribe, concern for others, the responsibility to the nation and their great God, and always try to do the best they could. He gave them a motto to live by..."Do Your Best"...and called the group a "Pack."

The Blue (Light blue candle) of the sky and the Gold of the (light gold candle) Sun would be their colors and each boy made a promise saying...

I,_______ , promise,
To do my best,
To do my Duty,
To God and my country,
To help other people,
And to obey the Law of the Pack."

TIGER CUB ORGANIZER: As time passed, Akela decided that boys younger than the "Cub Scouts" should also be given a chance to do and learn those things that would help them to grow to become better members of the Tribe. He knew that one of the most important parts of growing is learning to relate to others, so he gave each of the younger boys an adult partner to work with. They would participate in activities together, sharing ideas and values, learning about each other, and discovering new interests. The six-year-old boys who would be a part of this group would be called "Tiger Cubs" and they would adopt the color of the Tiger as a symbol of their Group. They would be a special part of the "Cub Scout" Pack and learn about Cub Scouting. As a symbol of this special relationship, I am lighting the Orange Candle using the flame of the Blue and Gold candles.

CUBMASTER: Our Pack has a group of these special boys who want to be a part of Cub Scouting as Tiger Cubs. We are going to welcome them to the fellowship of our Pack tonight. Will the members of our Tiger Cub Group please come forward.

The Tiger Cub program has been planned especially for first-grade boys. It will give each of you an opportunity to share a part of yourself with your Tiger Cub partner, working together to have fun, learning about many things, and making new friends. The motto of the Tiger Cubs BSA - SEARCH, DISCOVER, SHARE - tell what you can do together. You will work together and on occasion with the Pack, to enjoy your activities in Tiger Cubs. We look forward to having you as a part of our Pack.

(Give each participant a small candle)

(Hold orange candle for Tiger Cub Partners).

Will you please repeat the Tiger Cub Promise with me.

"I promise,
To love God,
My family, and my country,
And to learn about the world."

Now, would each Tiger Cub adult member light their candle from the Tiger Cub flame and then light their Tiger Cub partner's candle as a symbol of working together.

Will all of the members of the Group hold their candles closely together. See how bright a flame you can make by holding your candles in a Group? Your Tiger Cub Group can create a flame, too, if you "team" together for the best results.

Welcome to Scouting.



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