Indian Ceremony For Tiger Cub Graduation

MATERIALS: Council fires, Bobcat Sign, Practice tip arrows, Indian costumes, and Bridge.

(The Tribal Chief and braves are sitting around the fire. All are quiet as he rises.)

CHIEF: Tonight we gather to honor our young braves and test them before they are welcomed into our pack. Let us call forward: (calls up Tiger Cubs and partners.)

Tiger Cubs, what has been your motto these months as you and your adult partner have experienced Scouting for the first time? (Tigers respond: Search, Discover, Share)

Have you obeyed the Tiger Cub promise you learned? (Tigers: Yes)

Look at the brave who holds the banner of your first rank in Cub Scouts. Next month, as you pass your Bobcat requirement at our next council fire, you will be allowed to wear this sign on your uniform.

Wear it proudly!

Look now at the brave who holds the writing to prove your efforts as a Tiger Cub (graduation certificate). Display this proudly in your lodge as you and your partner labored long and hard to earn this award.

Parents, receive the graduation patch for your son. Place it on the right pocket of their uniform to let all know that these boys have been a brother to these Cubs and all who have trailed the Tiger.

Look now to our lodge chief and receive the star with its orange back. Wear this above your left pocket on your uniform now and at all future council fires. Many seasons from now, you can retell your exploits to the young braves you help along the way of the Tiger.

Go now, I wish to see no more of you as Tiger Cubs but rather Cub Scouts who have crossed the bridge into the excitement of the Cub Scout Trail. (Chief and braves lead the boys and partners across the bridge to the arrow-making area.)

CHIEF: See these braves make the arrow. The arrowhead breaks the wind. The shaft, if straight, will guide the arrow's path. The feathers give balance and distance. As Cub Scouts, you will learn the secrets of the arrow. Learn its true nature and become good Scouts. These secrets will lead you to soar with the eagle.

Tonight we honor these new Cub Scouts who have completed the challenge of Tiger. We now ask them to retire the flag they carried proudly to their meetings and replace it with their den flag. We know they will bring their new den flag as much honor as they did their Tiger Flag.

Will the two new den leaders for this den please step forward? (Introduce them to the audience) Cub Scouts of Den (#) please join your den leaders.

(To the rest of the Pack) Pack (#) I present to you our newest Wolf Den, Den(#)! Let's congratulate our new brothers. (Cheer)



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