Story Of Cub Scout Colors

Arrangement. As the curtain opens, three boys dressed in Indian costume are seated around an artificial campfire. One wears a chief's headdress; the other two are braves. Hanging on a tripod over the fire is a kettle that has a small can of dry ice and a blue and gold Cub Scout neckerchief concealed in it.

NARRATOR (Cub Scout or den chief): Many, many moons ago, the great chief Akela called a council to see what could be done to make his tribe the best of all tribes.

He told the first Indian brave to climb the mountain and tell the eagle to fly high into the sky and bring back part of the beauty of the sun. (One brave exits.)

He told the second brave to go into the forest and tell the sparrow to fly high into the sky and bring back part of the beauty of the sky. (Second brave exits.)

After a while, both braves returned. (Both braves enter One carries a bottle of blue water,- the other a bottle of gold water. They hold up bottles to show everyone.)

NARRATOR: Akela told one brave to pour some of the beauty of the sun into the council mixing pot. (The brave pours some of the gold water into the can in the pot, causing smoke.)

NARRATOR: Then he told the other brave to pour some of the beauty of the sky into the council mixing pot. (The brave pours blue water into the can, causing smoke. Akela, the chief raises hands toward the sky.)

NARRATOR: Akela says that from this day forward, blue will stand for truth and loyalty and the sky above. Gold will stand for warm sunlight, happiness, and good cheer. (Akela reaches into a pot and pulls out Cub Scout neckerchief)

NARRATOR: And that's why the Cub Scouts colors are blue and gold. 


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