The Eagle's Obligation

The Eagle Rank represents proficiency in all Scouting skills and is attained by only about 2 percent of all young men in Scouting. It represents a great deal of teamwork as a member and leader of a troop. You demonstrated, by living the Scout Oath and Law, in an effort to perpetuate the Scouting Spirit. It also represents years of hard work, the strength of character, persistence, and, more important, it is indicative of what lies in the future as a Scout grows into manhood. Eagle Rank testifies that a Scout has an understanding of his community and his nation, and a willingness to become involved. It is also fitting at this time, to explain that not only does this badge signify his hard work, it also signifies certain obligations on his part.
The first obligation of an Eagle Scout is Honor. The white in the Eagle Badge represents honor, and it is the sacred foundation of his character. Character is not what you think of yourself, [ Scout's name ], but what you are, deep inside. It is what you do to reflect credit upon your home, family, church, school, friends, and yourself. Always let the white of the badge remind you to live with honor.
The second obligation of an Eagle Scout is Loyalty. The blue in the Eagle Badge represents loyalty, your loyalty, for, without it, the character lacks direction. Regardless of how rough the road, how difficult the task, or how impossible the situation, you must remain loyal to your cause and purpose. It is the sense of belonging, being a part of a team, and working together with others. It is standing by your work, your promises, and your pledges. It is also the feeling you give others....knowing that they can count on you. Let the blue of this badge remind you to remain loyal.
The third obligation of an Eagle Scout is Courage. The red in the Eagle Badge represents courage, it gives your character force and strength. If you have faith in God and your fellow man, you are able to face each day unafraid and strive to share in the work at hand. You should do your part in all things, regardless of danger, adversity, or hardship. Let the red of the badge remind you of courage.
The fourth obligation is Responsibility. and is represented by the Scout Motto, Be Prepared. It means that you are always in a state of readiness, both in mind and body, so you will be able to face danger and help others to the best of your ability. It also means that you have been trained for emergencies and that you are confident of your ability to do your duty as an Eagle Scout.
The fifth and final obligation is that of Service. This obligation is represented by the Eagle. You must extend a helping hand to those who still toil up the Scouting trail, just as others helped you achieve your goal. It means that the daily good turn must continue. You must strive to protect the weak and defend the helpless. The Eagle also indicates that you are now an elite member of an esteemed group of world citizens. With this honor comes the knowledge that any discredit which falls upon you, also befalls your brother Eagle Scouts.
Are you willing to accept these obligations, responsibilities, and the honor of the Eagle Scout Badge?
Answer: Yes, with the help of God, I am.
Remember your obligations of Honor, Loyalty, Courage, Responsibility, and Service. Our heartfelt congratulations to you on this very, very special occasion and our sincere hope is that you may always wear your Eagle Badge with dignity and pride.


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