Eagle Charge


I have the honor to give you the Eagle charge on the occasion of your elevation to the highest rank in scouting. The Boy Scouts of all nations constitute one of the most wholesome and significant influences in the world's history. You have been counted worthy of this high rank in the Boy Scouts of America.

Your responsibility goes beyond your fellow scouts: it extends to your God and your Country. America has many fine things to offer you and your children after you, but these good things depend for the most part on the quality of its citizens. Our country has a great past. You can help make the future still greater. I charge you to undertake your citizenship with a solemn dedication. Be a leader, but lead only toward the best. Lift up every task you do, and every office you hold to the high level of service to God and your fellow men. So live and serve that those who know you will be inspired to the finest living. We have too many who use their strength and their brains to exploit others and gain selfish ends.

I charge you to be among those who dedicate their hearts and hands to the common good.

Build America on the sound foundations of clean living, honest work, unselfish citizenship, and reverence for God. Then, whatever others do, you will leave behind you a record of which you may be justly proud.

Eagle candidate ___________, I charge you to enter this Eagle Scout Brotherhood holding before you the ideals of honor and service.

By repetition of the Eagle Scout Promise before your fellow members, you become an Eagle Scout.

Thought the words you use will be similar to those by which you joined Scouting...tonight they will mean more than they could have meant at any time in the past... When you pledge yourself on your sacred honor... you will be sealing your eternal loyalty to the Code of the Eagle Scout... with the words which closed the Declaration of Independence. Will the Scout please stand...Attention!...Candidate: Scout sign...Repeat after me...

I reaffirm my allegiance to the three promises of the Scout Oath... I thoughtfully recognize and take upon myself...the obligations and responsibilities of the rank of Eagle Scout...On my honor, I will do my best...to make by training and example...my rank and my influence...count strongly for better citizenship...in my troop...and in my church...and in my community, and in my contacts with other people...To this, I pledge my word of honor...TWO! (Continue with the presentation of the badge)



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