5 Scout'struction Ideas

By: Posted On: 2020-06-15

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Do you wonder what Cub’struction is? Basically, it's having cub scouts construct something--anything--out of everyday household items. Here are five really cool projects you can do with your Scouts, whether you’re at home or attending a den meeting. All five of these cub’structions can be made from things that almost all of us have in common use around the house.


We will start by making a hat out of a newspaper. Here is a video to help you make the hat.


How about making a telephone out of some string and two plastic cups? Watch the video to see how and why it works.


What is a “hoo hoo” tube? It’s a cardboard tube that comes with paper towels, toilet paper, wrapping paper, and other paper products. Why is it called a “hoo hoo” tube? One of the common urges boys (and some leaders) have when they get a hold of one, is to blow through it like “hoo hoo!” You will need: One paper towel tube—two toilet paper tubes. Brown felt scrap. Two wiggle eyes (12 mm is recommended, but any size will do). Brown chenille stem (pipe cleaner). Black 1" pompom. Brown paint. Glue

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(thick craft glue works faster than white school glue). Black felt marker. 1. Cut ears out of felt using the pattern below. 2. Make the dog. For the body, use a serrated knife to saw five slits about 1 1/2" apart in the long tube. Do not saw more than halfway through. For legs, cut one t-p tube into four pieces by first cutting lengthwise, then crosswise.

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 Lay leg pattern on sections and use as a guide to trim legs: paint legs and other two tubes. Let dry. 3. Glue dog together: With slits in the body straight up, glue t-p tube on top for the head as shown. Glue legs, ears, eyes, and nose in place. Form tail by curling chenille stem around a pencil. Glue tail inside of the tube then bends over and forward. 4. Finish up. Use a marker to draw facial features. Slits may need to be reopened after painting. Your long dog is now ready for notes and letters

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And for our last project to work on, here is one way of making some bookends

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Please use the comment section below to share any craft ideas you may have done with your Scouts.

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