10 PVC Pipe Projects

By: Posted On: 2018-06-30


You might think PVC pipe can only be used as a sprinkler pipe buried in your yard, but there are so many more fun things that you can do with it! We can learn together about 10 easy, fun things to do with simple PVC pipe. Our 1st project will be about making Marshmallow Shooting toys. A quick trip to your local hardware store to get some ½” PVC pipes, connectors and a can of PVC glue and a can of spray paint will create some fun blow dart type projectile weapons for the kids in and around your house. Paint them different colors so that the kids (and dad and mom) will be able to keep track of their own shooter! The ammunition for this weapon is marshmallows.








 The next project looks not only fun to make, but fun to play with! It is a PVC Catapult!!! Depending on the size PVC pipe you decide to use,  you could make your catapult toss marshmallows, or water balloons if you made it big enough. Here is a tip, if your catapult throw arm is a bit sticky you can use threaded reducers. This way instead of friction the throwing arm rotates on the threads. 










 The next cool thing we can make is a Mini Field Goal to play Nerf football inside your house, or perhaps out on the lawn. This is a small football goal post, designed for small children and good for Superbowl parties (or let them play football without getting onto the actual field - this might be good for little children at an older sibling's practice). This is a freestanding unit and can be used inside or outside. Paint it your team's colors and let your kid kick/throw balls through the uprights.

Our next project on the list is making a PVC bow and arrow(s) that can be used to shoot outdoors with proper adult supervision. There is a merit badge that can be earned in Boy Scouts for the bow and arrow. The ones that we will make today will be to help us to learn about archery safety and to learn how to shoot and practice our accuracy on an archery range.

















This next idea was really easy to put together, and it will look great in your playroom. If you own too many Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars than this idea is totally for you!  If you and your friends have been storing your cars in a large plastic container, and the cars are starting to get all scratched up, here is a neat way to be able to park the special cars in your new PVC parking garage.

   When I saw this idea,  I knew right away it was going on the "must build" list for summer. This is a great combination of being a simple project and its lots of fun for the kids! Let's make a kid wash sprinkler toy! All kids love playing with this on a hot summer day...And you can drive your bike thru it, and get it all clean, just like your parents take their car to the car wash.


  Do you need a place in the garage, or behind your house to store your bikes upright, and keep them from falling over, or into one another? If so, then this next easy project is for you! This website will show you how to build a single PVC bike rack. Also, if you have more than one bike, or perhaps you want to make a place for your sister or brothers bike, or if you would like to surprise your parents...you can always add more ‘slots’ to help store their bikes also.


 Have you ever played submarine and wanted a real periscope to use to spy on your targets? Someone came to me with an idea to build a periscope. They had found a simple project in a book which used a milk carton and two mirrors. We had a couple of mirrors, but no milk carton. So, let's use PVC to make a real periscope that we can use to spy out our targets.

 If you love soccer like I love soccer and like to play after school or over the weekend but don’t have a goal build a PVC goal out of PVC pipe. This goal is durable and lightweight. One person will be able to carry this goal to the field of your choice, and then all you will need is some players and a soccer ball!


The last project we are going to build is a teepee. After you have built your PVC Teepee, you can ask mom or dad to let you spend the night outside in your own teepee that you put together with your own hands, and pretend that you and your brother or sister, (or friends) are Indians sleeping out on the prairie under the stars at night.  






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