Scott Robertson

If Only We Could Cure All Cares with Play-Doh

By: Posted On: 2017-01-27

Sometimes it just seems like life gets too hard! We work and work and work and bills don’t get paid, we fall behind on one or more every month and then when it looks like we are just getting out of hot water, the car breaks down and it’s a major repair. No one ever said life would be a bed of roses, and if it is, we have often fallen in with thorns to the exclusion of those lovely, fragrant petals. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your very own social worker on call to talk you through those trying times when it feels like there’s nowhere to go but further down?

Recent Woes Cured with Play-Doh?

Some of us who face real problems in life are looking at the news of college students being given Play-Doh to work through their fears of Donald Trump becoming president and have a hearty chuckle over it. If only that were the worst problem we faced in life, would there be any need for social workers who have chosen an online masters of social work to help people through psychological and emotional turmoil?

There are a number of career options in a M.S.W. online field of study, and working in psychiatric and psychological counselling can be one of the most fulfilling – especially if you could cure the world’s woes with Play-Doh!

Some Problems Just Might Respond to Play Therapy

Actually, giving college students Play-Doh is a great type of play therapy that is used on children every day of the week. However, what most adults find funny (even left wingers!) is that we are giving ‘adult’ children Play-Doh because they are out of control due to the outcome of the most recent presidential election.

They may have very real concerns and they may not have, but to necessitate play therapy makes people wonder if we’ve ever allowed our ‘children’ to grow up! Is this a sign of an ill in society that someone with an online MSW could help cure? Is Play-Doh and play therapy the solution, or is there a very real need for a grassroots change in the way we are taught to deal with stress?

Choosing the Right Career Path to Make a Difference

Who knows, maybe we need more play therapy in this world. Maybe laughter and play is what we need to help us get through times in life that seem to have no answers. Whether you choose a career in social work or in education, it seems as if we need to work on ‘fixing’ arrested development before adding fuel to the fire.

For rationally functioning adults who have serious issues, Play-Doh makes sense. But to issue it to college students who are simply unhappy with the outcome of a presidential election, many of whom are too young to vote and have never really experienced political turmoil, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Then again, neither does an election with two such unpopular candidates! Maybe we need a social worker in the White House to fix a broken nation. Who knows, but Play-Doh just doesn’t seem like the cure-all they are making it out to be. Your thoughts?


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