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Top Ten Scouting Games
By: Posted On: 2014-12-30

Top Ten Scouting Games:

In any campfire, or scouting expedition, games are a way for the boys to bond, as well as incredibly fun! So here’s our list of the top ten scouting games. Enjoy!

Animal Themed Games: They are a must, for any scouting expedition! Have the boys impersonate animals around the campfire, to see who’s the best in Animal Calls, or assign each of them an animals and have them race it out in Animal Relay, there is no dearth of animal games. Turtle Tag, Wolf and Feather Relay are a few other favourites!

The Body Language Game: Here, every den member writes out a list of five emotions or feeling on a chit of paper and the chits are collected. One cub then takes a random chit and enacts the feeling he find on that piece of paper. Those who correctly guess the emotion gain one point, but if no one is successful, then the actor gets a point. The den leader may act as referee to ensure the acting can be understood and everyone plays in the spirit of the game!

Chinese Wall: Your everyday gym game! Simply make a “wall” using masking tape, by making two parallel lines, three or four feet apart. Children stand on one side of the gym, while a catcher stands on the “wall” and tries to catch whoever tries to cross the wall! If you’re caught, you stay back and help catch the rest!


Magic Bingo: A modified version of Bingo, for the kids! Photocopy standard Bingo cards to make the cardstock, replacing BINGO with MAGIC! Call out the numbers without the letters and use candy or buttons as markers!

Pinata: Fill up the piñata with small gifts, or toys or candies and hang it from a pole. The kid is blindfolded and turned three times so as to confuse and given a bat to hit the piñata with. When he finally strikes it, watch the kids race to claim the spoils!

Pocket Tag: Like regular tag, except with a hand tied behind the kid’s back. Or both hands.

Discus Throw: Use a paper plate as a discus and throw it form a chalk line. However, the plate should be help as a discus and not a Frisbee.

Express Post: The pack makes a circle around a bean bag, with two boxes outside the circle. One of the cubs, the postman, stands outside and announces he has mail for a town (each Cub is assigned a town), picks up the bean bag and makes a dash for one of the boxes. The cub in question has to chase him down or collect the bag and then catch the mailman before he can fill in the cub’s vacant spot. If the Cub catches the mailman, he is fired and the Cub takes his place. Otherwise the game continues!

Nature Scavenger Hunt: It’s similar to a normal scavenger hunt. The list of items should include around 20 to 50 things that can be easily found within the camp locale and they should be easy enough for a Cub to find them.

C.U.B.S: The Cubs make a circle around a bean bag and are each given a chit with a letter on it, in the order C U B S. The leader then calls out one letter and the cubs with that letter start running around the circle to see who reaches the beanbag first!


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