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The adventure begins
By: Posted On: 2010-11-06

Soon I will be living on the road from my SUV and tent, partly by choice and partly because of life circumstances. The adventure is called “Scouting A Nation” and will bring me to a Scouting activity near you. I will blog about the things I do, the people I meet, and the places I visit. I will also share photos and video I take.

There are a number of ways you can help. First, you could invite me to visit your unit, to tag along on a campout, drop by a training or roundtable, be a guest at a Scout Show / Scout-A-Rama, be a guest at a camporee or jamboree, or even be a volunteer at an event or activity. I could share with the Scouts how I live on the road and the green technology I use. 

Another big way you could help is providing me with a place to park my car and pitch my tent. Even just the usage of your washing machine or shower could be a huge help. Would you like to have me over for a meal, lets talk … 

Second, you can help spread the word about InsaneScouter and “Scouting A Nation” by telling your Scouting friends about us. You could email a copy of the text, at the end of this post, to someone at your Council office. Print out flyers found on our “promote us” page and hand them out at roundtable. 

Lastly, visit our store ( and buy an e-book, cd, a cool grill, or get access to the resource dump.

------- letter to send to Council --------

<name of person at Council office> 

Hello, my name is <your name> with <unit / position>. I find the Scouting website very useful. Recently they were asking for help sending this message to Councils around the nation. So, I decided to help... 

InsaneScouter was founded by Eagle Scout, Scott Robertson in 1998. Scott has been part of Scouting for over 25 years, served on camp staff, NYLT staff, District Training team, even has been Council Websiter. You can read his full bio at

InsaneScouter is a resource website helping Scouters put on a better program by providing resources and ideas at no cost. The site is maintained by a team of volunteers from around the world. In order to help more Scouters and spread the word about what they have available, Scott will be “Scouting A Nation” by visiting Scouters, units, trainings, roundtables, Scout events / activities, and even summer camps all over the country, but only by invitation. There are three big ways you can help.

One, is by inviting him to Scouting functions in your area, which he will blog about. Also he will show the Scouts how he lives on the road and the green technology he uses. This amazing dude is willing to volunteer at our Summer camp in trade for a place to park his rig and access to the mess hall for chow. 

Two, you can help spread the word by adding an article in our Council newsletter and passing info through all the DE's to volunteers, such as myself, about InsaneScouter and what they are doing. 

Lastly, you can help finacially by becoming a sponsor. For example let Troops around the Country know about our awesome summer camp and high adventure programs. To learn more about their sponsorship opportunities go to 

You can contact Scott directly at

Thank You
<your signture>



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