Scott Robertson

Fuzzy and Scout Aug 2010

By: Posted On: 2010-09-03

Hi All,


Scout and I just came in from our vacation at a nice lake. We hope you all had great vacations and of course summer camps too :)

As promised I will tell you all about what we did at our camp and also about our vacation.


Of course when we arrived at camp we had to pitch our tents first, which was not quite as easy as we thought (turned out we had to listen to Baloo, then it would have been easy)

After that it was time to have some fun, as our campsite was near a lake too we did all kind of cool things like canoeing, swimming and our favourite fishing. Although Baloo says we liked the eating more than the actual fishing.

Of course we played a lot of games too and our favourite was capture the flag, because we could sneak through the woods around the campsite to tag the other team and find their flag, of course the other games were fun too.

On one day we even went for a hike up the mountain we were at, we even had to do some rock climbing to get up there. As I am not a big fan of heights I did not really like this but still I tried and succeeded. It was not till later I found out I could have taken a path up there which would have been a lot easier, but oh well….. At the top of the mountain we built a shelter and even spent the night sleeping outside, luckily it did not rain.

One thing our leaders always do is when we are out in the woods to alert us to all kind of cool nature things, like animal tracks and plants and trees, they say this could save our life if we get in to trouble.

They even tried to tell us what to do when we would encounter a bear…. Both Scout and I had a better solution than they had, we would just give the bear a salmon and he would be happy, but then again we are cute and cuddly bear cubs ;)


Like with any camp it was over waaaaaaay to soon and we had to say goodbye to all the new friends we made, but friendships can stay forever, we promised at least to email all our new friends.

Something we always do when we leave a camp is: “take nothing than pictures. Leave nothing behind, other than footprints” Basically saying to clean up after yourself and not to destroy anything.


Like I already said after camp we went on a nice vacation at a lakeside cabin, both our pups and ourselves had a great time there. We went fishing almost every day (and caught trout and salmon)

And of course swimming, although the water was a bit cold at times, but even Scout did not need his wet suit there :)


But as with all good things, this had to come to an end. But with the end of the summer vacation it also means that we will meet our cub pack again soon and get up to more mischief and adventures with them.

For now it is time to take a shower and relax on the couch.


See you soon,


Your cuddly friends,
Fuzzy and Scout 


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