Scott Robertson

You Know You Are A Scouter If …

By: Posted On: 2010-06-29

1.You ware your uniform, scout polo / t-shirts more then anything else
2.You have a survival kit in your car
3.Your son is like “But dad can't I go too. You go to 5 meetings a week and I only go to one. Come on its no fair.” Then gives you cute puppy dog eyes he knows you can't resist.
4.You can rattle off all the Scout Ranks, Scout Law, and Scout Promise in less then a minute
5.You get stopped in the grocery store by another shopper to tell you about how they were a Scout and you get into a 2 hour conversation just because you still had your uniform on
6.Your neighbors think your garage is the head quarters of Scouting
7.All your cloths smell like a campfire
8.Your favorite bank is near a river
9.Your favorite poll has fish in it
10.You horde tent stakes
11.Your order 15 pizza's at a time and the pizza place knows you by name
12.You collect dryer lint
13.Your favorite cologne / perfume is “Deep Woods Off” (bug replant)
14.Your drunk is part first aid kit, filing cabinet, game box, craft box, and survival kit
15.You say “signs up” at work when co-works get to loud
16.You are proud that you have millions of brothers and sisters around the world
17.You hear someone say “Its only an hour a week” and you can't stop laughing for an hour
18.You can stare at the starts for hours and not even realize it
19.When you tell the family “lets go for a walk” they know to get there boots on and there backpacks ready
20.Your cell's voice mail says “Thank you for calling Scoutmaster Bills phone....”
21.You know how to survive with only what you have on, a few garbage bags, a roll of duct tape and your pocket knife
22.You know camping is about eating burnt food and sleeping on rocks
23.You can talk for hours with a total stranger in the sporting good store about the pros and cons of some sleeping bag
24.You know that a left handed smoke shifter is actually a paper plate with left handed / right handed written on there perspective sides and you just wave it back and forth over top of a fire
25.One match fire? What are you a sissy I don't use matches and then you start a fire with either your flint and steel or a bow drill in less then 2 minuets

If you like this list, feel free to add more in the comments section below. Maybe eventually I will create a longer version with all your ideas in it. You can now get off the floor and stop laughing...



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