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By: Posted On: 2010-04-11

I am proud to announce that there are a bunch of new websites part of the InsaneScouter family. This post is going to give you a quick overview of what each site is. Also for your convenience I have added to the menu on all the sites but KampSpace “Our Sites” which gives you an easy way to find each of our sites.

InsaneScouter: is a large Scouting / Guiding portal loaded with over 5,000 unique pages of resources to help you plan and run your Scouting activities.

Scouter Books: is a site dedicated to sharing scouting e-books. Currently there are 389 powwow books on the site and growing.

Scouter Links: is a website directory, kind of like a fake search engine. I am hoping many people will add Scouting / Guiding related websites to help others find all those wonderful Scouting sites that are out there.

E-Scouter: is the site that talks about our free and paid website hosting service.

Scout Stanley: yeah yeah I know I spelled it wrong in the domain... I will fix this down the road … this site is a virtual Flat Stanley project based on a Scouting theme. If you don't know what flat stanley is take a look at the home page of this site.

Scouting A Nation: is a site that won't do much right now, but down the road it will relate to my adventures of living on the road . During this time I will visit Scouter's, various Scouting events and work on some other neat ideas coming up like a virtual Scouting college (basically videos of Scouter's teaching things they excel in).

KampSpace: is simply a travel site for the outdoor explorer. It will do for campers, rvers, and wilderness explorers what sites like tavelocity does for those who “fly to a city, rent a car and stay in hotel”. It does or will include listings for campgrounds, trails, attractions, geocaching, lodging, tours, stores, eateries, and more. Please feel free to create a free account (separate from InsaneScouter) and add listings to help out your fellow Scouter's.


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