Scott Robertson

Fuzzy and Scout March 2010

By: Posted On: 2010-04-01

Hi All,


Fuzzy and Scout here. As we write this it is almost Easter and that means it is time for the Easter bunny to come by and hide loads of chocolate and salmon.

But it also means that spring has finally come after this very cold and long winter. Although Scout does like all the hot cocoa he had over the winter. All the animals in the forests and everywhere will also like that the ice and snow is gone, so they can find food again.

Unfortunately it also means summer is approaching and that means people going away on vacation. Although the vacation is fun it also means loads of cats and dogs will be abandoned because people do not want to take them with them or put them in a kennel. We would never do that to our puppies as we love them very much, even if they steal our socks and run away with them.

We think that if you want pets you should think of the responsibilities before you get a pet. It might be Easter but think of the saying “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”


Hey did you all know that the newsletter you are reading now has almost 1,000 subscribers, and we heard from our friend Scott at Insanescouter that he has something special planned for the 1,000th subscriber. But it is his job to tell you about this.


Well we don’t know what else to tell you except it is now time for salmon…………… hmm come to think of it, it is always time for salmon and salmon IS very yummy. Just as we told Scott this week: “What do you do when you encounter a bear in the woods?” He just said play dead, but we advised him to check if it was us. If it is us, just throws some salmon and we will be very happy J.


Anyways, food is on the table now so we have to go.


Have a grrrrrrreat Easter and see you next time.

Your Furry Friends,


Fuzzy and Scout


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