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9 Items Every First Aid Kit Must Have

By: Posted On: 2021-10-18

Are you curious about the essentials you need to include in your first aid kit?

Here are nine items I always carry in my first aid kit:

1)    Knife or multi-tool

Having a reliable knife or multi-tool can come in handy in so many ways. You can use it to cut bandages, tape, or even clothing for a medical crisis.

2)    Bandage scissors

Aside from a sharp knife or multi-tool, I also make sure to bring blunt-tipped bandage scissors in my first aid kit. Their dullness ensures that they won’t do any damage when you remove bandages.

3)    Bandanas

Bandannas are another must-have tool in my first aid kit. They work great as a washcloth, as a bandage for stopping bleeding, and even as a hankie.

4)    Wet wipes

For scouts like us, wet wipes are a handy first aid kit essential. You can use them for no-rinse bathing, body cleansing, and even personal hygiene.

More importantly, wet wipes are vital in cleansing injuries. With clean wet wipes, you can prevent infections and allow wounds to heal more quickly.

5)    Ziplocks

Ziplocks come in handy for all kinds of activities, such as handling medical wastes and organizing supplies.

You may also find yourself in medical situations where you’ll need a ziplock. For example, as nasty as it may sound, a finger may get amputated while you’re out backpacking.

In these instances, you can place the amputated finger in a ziplock. Be sure to wrap it in a towel and put it in an ice chest. This preserves the finger and increases its chances of reattachment.

6)    Trash bag

Not many people would associate garbage bags with a first aid kit. Still, trash bags are actually a first aid kit essential you must have. They can serve many purposes, including as a tarp under a patient, poncho, and canopy.

Check out this article if you want to know how else you can use a garbage bag.

7)    Duct tape

Duck tape has all kinds of uses in my first aid kit. For instance, I use it to close up cuts and secure the wound dressing. It also provides the necessary pressure that you will need for a splint or sling.

8)    Soap

What’s a first aid kit for scouts without soap? Primarily used for cleaning wounds, soap helps prevent skin infections and irritations.

9)    Hard candy

Honestly, I don’t think my first aid kit will ever be complete without hard candy.

Hard candy has a long shelf life and is really handy for someone with low sugar. Personally, I like butterscotch & root beer candies, so that’s what I have in my kit most often.

All in all, you need to consider what are the items you need to have in your first aid kit. Someday, these items might just save someone’s life — maybe even yours.


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