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4 Creative Ideas for Homemade First Aid Kits
By: Posted On: 2021-10-21

First aid kits are vital, but they are especially important for scouts. After all, being prepared is our line of business.

Despite that, pre-made first aid kits can be expensive. Since Boy Scouts and younger kids may not afford them, they may want to make their own homemade first aid kits instead.

In this post, I will list down some homemade first aid kit ideas that even younger kids can make.

Let’s get started!

1)    Medicine bottle

To an inexperienced eye, a handful of medicine bottles to store some of your first aid essentials may not look much. However, they’re waterproof and can hold some band-aids and a few common medications.

You can even fit alcohol wipes, a mini lighter, safety matches, and safety pins inside a standard-sized bottle if you want. Most people won’t bother looking twice at it since it’s discreet.

It’s handy, effortless, and convenient to bring anywhere, so you’ll be prepared for everyday emergencies.

What items can you put inside it?
-    Alcohol wipes
-    A disposable mini lighter
-    Standard safety matches
-    Safety pins
-    Band-aids
-    Painkiller tablets

2)    Transparent gift box

Whoever said you can’t reuse small, transparent gift boxes as a first aid kit container?

Depending on the size of your box, you can place a number of first aid essentials inside it. It can house band-aids, bandages, cloth tapes, wound dressings, and even cold packs.

You can also include an emergency asthma inhaler or tweezers if the box is big enough.

What items can you put inside it?
-    Band-aids
-    Bandages
-    Bandage scissors
-    Cold packs
-    Sweets (like chocolate or hard candies)
-    Wound dressings

3)    Sewn cloth

It requires time and sewing skills, but you can also try sewing your own first aid kit.

Having a sewn cloth for a portable first aid kit means you can design your kit in any way you want. At the same time, you can also improve your sewing skills.

You can choose to make a kit with a lot of pouches or just have one with a single compartment. It’s entirely up to you to create a first aid kit design you’d like.

What items can you put inside it?
-    Gauze dressings
-    Band-aids
-    Wet wipes
-    Bandage scissors
-    Duct tape

4)    Plastic lunch box

Among all the possible containers for homemade first aid kits, plastic lunch boxes are one of the most common options.

Big enough to hold various first aid essentials, a plastic lunch box keeps all its contents secure. It can even fit even more materials than the previous kit ideas.

What items can you put inside it?
-    Alcohol
-    Antibiotic ointments
-    Antiseptic wipes
-    Emergency blankets
-    Face masks
-    Gauze pads
-    Hard candy
-    Thermometer
-    Ziplock

Final thoughts
Aside from knowing what to put inside your first aid kit, you also have to understand the best way to use your first aid essentials. It’s the first thing I teach my scouts before helping them make their own homemade kits.

If you don’t know where to start or have no idea what to put in your first aid kit, you can check out my other post entitled “9 Items Every First Aid Kit Should Include”.



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